Diary of a Quitter

Diary of a Quitter - Part 1

1:00 PM.Amelia, blithely ignorant of the trials in front of her, decides to quit smoking. Her first move is to find out what nicotine is and how it works. She corners Mark Wallace Bell from the National Addiction Centre to find out.

Diary of a Quitter - Part 2

1:30 PM.Amelia is in the contemplation stage of quitting. She considers the methods available with her friendly neighbourhood GP.

Diary of a Quitter - Part 3

2:00 PM.Amelia thinks she's just about ready to quit - but she's terribly anxious about it. Is hypnotherapy the answer?

Diary of a Quitter - Part 4

2:30 PM.Amelia struggles to stay away from cigarettes. Does she stay quit? Find out - plus hear what it's like to get acupuncture when you're scared of needles!