Sir Douglas Robb Lectures 2011

Tariq Ali on empire and its futures

A series of three lectures by Tariq Ali.

2011 Sir Douglas Robb Lecture 1 - Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali explores the contemporary landscape of Islam, focusing on the Middle East, analysing the challenges for Western governments which have supported the regimes now being overthrown by internal rebellions.

2011 Sir Douglas Robb Lecture 2 - Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali considers how USA power has played out across the world, arguing that although its imperial ambitions have been manifested for centuries, overstretch is beginning to set in.

2011 Sir Douglas Robb Lecture 3 - Tariq Ali

According to Tariq Ali, global markets have moved eastwards towards China. He considers where this superpower on the rise will be in thirty years' time.