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Down the List for 1 June 2014

11:00 AM.Well, the unlikely alliance has been struck between what would appear to be two diametrically opposed movements. Enter, in this election year, the Internet Mana Party!

Down the List for 25 May 2014

11:00 AM.Winston is looking a bit queasy under attack from Brendan Horan as the lid comes off the can of worms that is cricket match fixing.

Down the List for 18 May 2014

11:00 AM.The Judith Collins conflict of interest issue has been swamped by the budget. But Winston Peters, from a party that seems to have a scarcity of policy,continues to snipe even when the ammunition seems to have run out.

Down the List for 11 May 2014

11:05 AM.With Maurice gone and Judith on gardening leave, are National losing their grip on power?

Down the List for 4 May 2014

11:06 AM.There have been a couple of bumps in the road to the election for the Nationals this week - the about face on the legal highs legislation, and Maurice Williamson's resignation.

Down the List for 27 April 2014

11:00 AM.The road to the elections is getting rougher and rougher. The departure of Shane Jones, apparently head-hunted by Murray McCully from the Nationals, leaves a big pothole for Labour.

Down the List for 13 April 2014

11:00 AM.Prince William, Kate and wee George are touring. What a great platform for electioneering politicians to display their 'nice guy' side.

Down the List for 6 April 2014

11:00 AM.With Labour still struggling to gain much traction in the polls the shape of potential coalition groupings are coming into the spotlight.

Down the List for 30 March 2014

11:00 AM.Is the Mana Party seriously considering forming an alliance with Kim Dotcom's new Internet party? What do they have in common politically or philosophically?

Down the List for 23rd March 2014

11:00 AM.Accusations of financial impropriety at the Kohanga Reo National Trust forces minister Hekia 'u-turn' Parata to send in the Serious Fraud Office.

Down the List for 16 March 2014

11:00 AM.Justice Minister Judith Collins is on notice from the PM over a possible conflict of interest issue relating to a taxpayer-funded trip to China.

Down the List for 9 March 2014

11:15 AM.Do David Cunliffe's hidden trusts erode the public's trust in Labour?

Down the List for 2 March 2014

11:00 AM.With Labour making no gains on National, questions are being asked about how committed the team is to supporting the leader.

Down the List for 23 February 2014

11:00 AM.Recent revelations that TVNZ premises were used for Labour Party meetings, political bias in the media is a hot topic.

Down the List for 16 February 2014

11:00 AM.Government moves to cancel passports of New Zealanders intending to join Syrian freedom fighters is meeting with some criticism.

Down the List for 9 February 2014

11:08 AM.The ACT Party have changed their leadership. Two untried, untested new faces with little or no political experience have taken over. Will it make any difference to ACT's zero polling?

Down the List for 2 February 2014

11:00 AM.The Nationals and Labour launch into election year with promises about education and a baby bonus. But whose policy came first? And while we're at it, what about a new flag?

Down the List for 26 January 2014

11:00 AM.The intended launch of the new Internet Party at Kim Dotcom's 40th birthday party didn't quite go off with a bang. In fact it didn't go off at all.

Down the List for 15 December 2013

11:00 AM.Set at the WINZ office Christmas party where WINZ is congratulating itself on a successful year addressing child poverty.

Down the List for 8 December 2013

11:00 AM.John Banks is, at last, preparing to depart the scene over the anonymous donations issue. The Nationals must be starting to worry about their choices for coalition partners.

Down the List for 1 December 2013

11:00 AM.Is NZ Football run like a suburban tennis club or a highly professional outfit producing results we can all be proud of?

Down the List for 24 November 2013

11:00 AM.Considering that the Conservative Party under Colin Craig has not exactly seen eye to eye with Nationals on some important social policies can they really be a possible coalition partner for the National come next election?

Down the List for 17 November 2013

11:00 AM.With Roastbusters fallout continuing questions are being asked about the way the Police deal with rape complainants.

Down the List for 10 November 2013

11:00 AM.The Black Caps suffered what can only be described as a humiliating defeat in the recent series against Bangladesh. What's the problem? Or is it true that we just aren't very good at cricket and need to admit it?

Down the List for 3rd November 2013

11:15 AM.Revelations about Angela Merkel's phone being bugged are explored in a New Zealand context.

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