Enzology is Radio New Zealand National's documentary covering the history of New Zealand's most iconic band - Split Enz. Five years in the making, this ten-part series covers the history of the band from their beginnings in Auckland as an acoustic ensemble in 1972, to their final concerts as an Australia-based, internationally acclaimed pop band in 1984.

Episodes are available as lower quality audio on demand (linked at the top of each page) or as a higher quality podcast.

Radio New Zealand would like to thank the members and management of Split Enz, Warner Music and Mushroom Music Publishing for making the Enzology podcast possible.

Split Enz strove to be original in their music and their look. The hit songs I Got You, My Mistake, I See Red, Message to My Girl, Poor Boy, Six Months In A Leaky Boat, Dirty Creature are now part of New Zealand and Australian culture, twenty years after Split Enz broke up. Around the world, Split Enz continues to attract new fans as listeners discover their music.

There are many stories about the making of that music: the excitement of the early shows at His Majesty’s Theatre, the bonding of friends, the punching of friends, the triumphs and disappointments on the road and the creation of new songs in rehearsal and in the studio.

The ten-part radio series (each episode is 50 minutes long) features new interviews with band members:

Tim Finn, Phil Judd, Miles Golding, Mike Chunn, Geoff Chunn, Wally Wilkinson, Robert Gillies, Eddie Rayner, Noel Crombie, Paul Crowther, Mal Green, Nigel Griggs, Neil Finn & Paul Hester.

Plus, Split Enz record producers and managers:

Barry Coburn, Dave Russell, Mike Gudinski, Phil Manzanera, Nathan Brenner, David Tickle & Hugh Padgham.

Enzology features excerpts from all the hits and numerous album tracks, plus previously unreleased demos, live recordings and studio out-takes gathered from the band members’ personal archives and elsewhere.