I hear voices...

Band Members Interviewed

Tim Finn

Tim FInn

Vocals, piano 1972-1984

Born 1952. Brought up in Te Awamutu as Brian Timothy Finn. Went on to release various solo albums, post-Enz. Briefly a member of Crowded House and ALT. Released “Everyone Is Here”, the second Finn Brothers album with Neil, in 2004. Now living in Auckland.

Phil Judd

Phil Judd

Vocals, guitars 1972-78, off and on

Born 1953. Raised in Hastings. After leaving Split Enz in England he returned to New Zealand and Australia and played with bands Suburban Reptiles, The Enemy, Swingers, Schnell Fenster. He always considered painting his real vocation, but the last decade has seen him composing music for film, television and stage. Released his first solo album in 23 years, "Mr Phudd & His Novelty Act", in 2006. Living in Melbourne.

Miles Golding

Miles Golding

Violin 1972-1973

Born 1951 in Sydney. Raised in Portsmouth, England and Wellington, New Zealand. Left for the UK in 1973 for further violin study and began to work as a free-lance player with London's leading orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic and BBC Symphony. Developed an interest in period performance practice and now works mainly in this field.

“It was a special time. Those guys were brilliant and mean a lot to me. I’ll never forget their passion and enthusiasm for what they were doing, and their confidence in me. I’m gutted I couldn’t fulfill that. Sad, really.” – Miles Golding

Mike Chunn

Mike Chunn

Bass 1972-1977

Born 1952 in London. Raised in Otahuhu, Auckland. Older brother of Geoff. Known by his middle name of Jonathan for a while. Post-Enz, formed Citizen Band, managed a studio and record company and became head of APRA New Zealand. Wrote the Split Enz biography “Stranger Than Fiction” and autobiography “Seven Voices”. Now CEO of the Play It Strange trust. Lives in Auckland.

“I can’t believe it was only five years. It feels like fifty years of experience. Every second was very worthwhile.” – Mike Chunn.

Mike Howard

Flute 1972-1973

Now a teacher in Auckland. Declined the invitation to be interviewed on tape for Enzology.

Geoff Chunn

Geoff Chunn

Drums 1973-1974

Born 1953 and raised in Otahuhu, younger brother of Michael. Formed After Hours with Neil Finn in mid 70s, then Citizen Band with Mike Chunn. Moved into the food industry and has owned five cafes since the Enz days. Living and eating well in Auckland.

“They were amazing, Split Enz. Always a million miles better than any other show. Like the All Blacks, the sum of the parts were so much bigger. In Citizen Band, you’d think you’re doing well, then go to a Split Enz show…. ‘Aw, bugger! How’d they do that?!’ They spent every cent plus more on the one show.” – Geoff Chunn.

Wally Wilkinson

Wally Wilkinson

Guitar 1973-1975

Raised as Paul Wally Wilkinson in Pakuranga, Auckland. Learned flute and guitar. Lead singer and guitarist in covers bands Ye Groupe and The Hyve before Moses and Split Enz. Went from Split Enz straight into the computer industry, with a brief diversion as co-manager of Scavengers/The Marching Girls. Now writes hospital software and lives in Melbourne.

“The band was about creation. Not copyists.”

“I’m still in contact with the Enz. It’s family.” – Wally Wilkinson.

Robert Gillies

Robert Gillies

Saxophone & trumpet 1974-1977

Born and raised in Wanganui. Learned cornet and trumpet in brass bands. After leaving Split Enz, joined TVNZ as a set designer. Went on to work in feature films, theatre and television, including Xena: Warrior Princess. In 2004 he was the production designer of The Whale Rider - On Stage. Lives in Auckland.

Eddie Rayner

Eddie Rayner

Keyboards 1974-1984

Born 1952 in Lower Hutt. Originally known as Tony Eddie Rayner. Grew up in Mt Eden and Howick in Auckland. After Enz, he went on to perform live with Crowded House, co-founded Schnell Fenster and formed The Makers. Orchestrated the two ENZSO albums, the first of which was the biggest selling album of 1998 in New Zealand. Producer for other artists. Musical director for New Zealand Idol. Released two solo albums. New Space Waltz album with Alastair Riddell coming soon. Now living in Auckland.

Noel Crombie

Noel Crombie

Percussion & design 1974-1984

Born 1953 in Wellington. Known to the tax department as Geoffrey Noel Crombie. Grew up in Paekakariki. After Enz, drummed in Schnell Fenster and has worked in film and TV on soundtracks and in the art departments. Has also designed interiors for clubs and restaurants. Recently worked on the Split Enz DVD graphics. Living in Melbourne.

Paul Crowther

Paul Crowther

Drums 1974-1976

Born 1949. Answered to Emlyn Crowther when with the Enz. Grew up in Dunedin. Played trumpet in air training corp band then swapped to drums. Moved to Auckland, played drums in Alastair Riddell’s Orb before Enz. Interest in electronics led him to make and modify synthsisers and PA for Split Enz. His home-made distortion pedal, made for Noel’s show-stopping guitar solo, became an essential accessory for musicians around the world and still sells like Hot Cakes. Lives in Auckland.

Mal Green

Mal Green

Drums 1976-1981

Born 1953. Grew up in London. Played in various bands before joining Split Enz. Released solo single in 1981 before departing Enz. Now a freelance musician and documentary music composer in Sydney.

“A lot of joy, a lot of pain. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” – Mal Green.

Neil Finn

Neil Finn

Vocals, guitars 1977-1984

Born 1958. Neil Mullane Finn grew up in Te Awamutu, the younger brother of Tim. Formed the very popular Crowded House with Paul Hester after the Enz split. Went solo in 1996 and has reformed Crowded House in 2007.

Nigel Griggs

Nigel Griggs

Bass 1977-1984

Born 1949. Brought up in Hatfield, just out of London. Played in various bands before Split Enz, including family band The Cortinas. Joined fellow ex-Enzers Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner, & Noel Crombie in late 80s band The Wanx, which became Schnell Fenster. Now happily tending to his garden in the mountains, east of Melbourne.

Paul Hester

Paul Hester

Drums 1983-84

Born 1959. Raised in Melbourne. Was encouraged to play drums by drum-playing Mum. One third of Crowded House from mid ‘80s to 1994. Went on to play with Largest Living Things, Tarmac Adam and McSweeney, had his own TV chat/music series and is involved in radio and music projects with the Aboriginal community. Lived in Melbourne until his death in March, 2005.


Barry Coburn

Split Enz manager 1972-1975

Renowned promoter, music publisher and ex-CEO of Atlantic Records Nashville. Currently co-president of Nashville’s Ten Ten Music Group and Coburn Music Publishers.

Dave Russell (aka “Cowboy Dave”)

Tour manager and producer of Mental Notes 1975

Guitarist in NZ 60s band Ray Columbus and The Invaders, bassist with Max Merrit. Stayed in music industry as a bassist and manager. Briefly co-managed The Scavengers/Marching Girls with Wally Wilkinson. Now living in Melbourne.

Michael Gudinski

Founder of Mushroom Records, Australia

In the ‘70s and ‘80s he signed major acts such as Split Enz, Skyhooks, Kylie Minogue, Paul Kelly and The Angels. After selling Mushroom Records in 1998, he founded The Mushroom Group of Companies, which includes the music label Liberation - home to betchadupa featuring Neil's son Liam Finn. Based in Melbourne.

“They developed into one of the great rock bands of the world.” – Michael Gudinski on Split Enz.

Phil Manzanera

Producer of Second Thoughts and Another Great Divide, 1976

Guitarist in major ‘70s and ‘80s UK band Roxy Music. Invited members of Split Enz to play and sing on his ’70s solo albums “Listen Now” and “K-Scope”. Producer of numerous Spanish music artists in the 90s. Released his sixth solo album in 2004.

“I’ve never seen a bunch of people work so hard. I really believed in their talent.”

- Phil Manzanera on Split Enz.

Hugh Padgham

Tape Operator on Frenzy 1978-79, Producer & engineer on Time and Tide 1981-82 and Conflicting Emotions 1983

A multi-Grammy Award ™ winning producer, Hugh has worked with The Police, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Genesis, XTC, Sting, Bee Gees, The Tragically Hip and even Derek & Clive.

David Tickle

Producer & engineer on: I See Red 1978; True Colours 1979; Waiata 1980-81

Known as a whiz-kid engineer in the late ‘70s, he recorded The Knack’s “My Sharona” and Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” with producer Mike Chapman in between producing I See Red and the Split Enz albums. Went on to work with The Police, Prince, U2, George Michael and others. Has recently re-mixed many albums for SACD 5.1 surround sound.

“Working with Split Enz was the most musically fun and creative experience I’ve ever had. I wish I’d had more time with the Enz. If they ever made another record, I’d love to be there.” – David Tickle.

Nathan Brenner

Manager 1979-1984

Nathan began his career as a fashion and tour photographer for Eagles, Elton John and Hunter S. Thompson. As well as managing Split Enz, he took Grammy Award winning Men At Work to the top of the US record charts in 1982-3. Nathan is a Director of the Music Manager's Forum International which works to support music managers to assist their artists.