A Radio documentary of this magnitude would not have been possible without the contributions of many people.

Enzology was produced, presented and engineered by Jeremy Ansell.

New interviews conducted by Jeremy Ansell, except:

Barry Coburn interviewed by Nick Bollinger

Phil Manzanera interviewed by Kaye Glamuzina

Plus excerpts from archive interviews from the Radio New Zealand archives, Sound Archives/Nga Taonga Korero, TVNZ, BBC, ABC, Radio Windy, Foveaux Radio, Mushroom Records and others.

Special thanks to:

Everyone in and around Split Enz for their time, their personal tapes, their trust and their music.

Mike Chunn for writing Stranger Than Fiction, his 1992 biography of Split Enz.

Kaye Glamuzina for kick-starting the whole project in 1997.

Liisa McMillan for brilliant administrative and editorial assistance.

Richard Hulse for website co-ordination.

Radio New Zealand National Music’s John Pilley.

Festival Mushroom Records (especially Dylan and Jonathan).

David Hughes

Warner Music Australia

Jackie Dennis at Mushroom Music Publishing

Jenny Whaley

Many thanks also to:

  • ABC Archives & Library Services
  • Chris Ampleford
  • Mike Appleby
  • John Barry
  • BBC International
  • Chris Bourke
  • John Campbell
  • Brent Clough
  • Brent Eccles
  • Matt Finn
  • Frenz of the Enz
  • Jeff Fulton
  • Peter Green
  • Ross Harkness
  • Owen Harris
  • Barry Hartley
  • Lozza Hoare
  • Paul Holmes
  • Allan Honey
  • Ron Kane
  • David Knowles
  • Koji Kumada
  • Emily Johanson
  • Colin Linwood
  • Peter McIllwaine
  • Ian Magan
  • Wayne Mowat
  • Todd Niall
  • Alice O’Sullivan
  • Replay Radio
  • Alastair Riddell
  • Erik Straatman
  • TVNZ Television Archive
  • TV3
  • Andre Upston
  • Sam Wicks
  • ______________(Your name)
  • The many (uncredited) photographers who created many of the images included here.

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