Time And Tide (1981–1982). In Episode 8 of Radio New Zealand National's story of Split Enz Tim Finn has a nervous breakdown. He’s not alone. Split Enz record perhaps their best album and Leaky boat is scuppered in the UK.

Songs in this programme include Remember When, Dirty Creature, Six Months In a Leaky Boat, Take a Walk plus demos of Something To Do, Giant Heartbeat and other rarities.

Album Trivia: Time and Tide

Six Months In a Leaky Boat, the first single released from the album in the UK, was sent to radio stations on record and, unusually, video.

In NZ, the third single released from Time and Tide was Hello Sandy Allen. In Australia, Never Ceases To Amaze Me was issued instead. The video for Never Ceases, shot in a zoo and featuring Tim Finn with an extreme afro-hairdo, is now considered so embarrassing by the band that it was left off the recent Split Enz DVD. Neil has called the song itself “naff” and “twee to the extreme”.

Fire Drill was recorded during the Time and Tide sessions, but was left off the album and became a B-side. The song opened many of the band’s 1982 live shows and included an instrumental section previously used in the unreleased songs Murder and Outer Mongolia.

Eddie Rayner began composing Pioneer back in 1975.

Giant Heartbeat, composed by Neil Finn and Nigel Griggs, was initially called Look-alike. The instrumental break was recycled from a rejected Neil and Tim song, Silent But Deadly, cited by Neil as the worst he's ever written!

In Haul Away, after Tim sings “Ambition has lost me friends and time”, a few seconds of the 1973 recording Split Ends can be heard: “Telling them all about Split Ends”.

The final line of Haul Away was inspired by 5 year old Sean Lennon’s A Story on Yoko Ono’s 1981 album Season of Glass.

Log Cabin Fever was partly inspired by the movie “The Shining”.

Some UK copies of the album included a bonus LP of the remixed “Frenzy”.