3 Aug 2012

Extended Play: Pin Group - Go To Town

From Extended Play: The Classic Flying Nun EPs, 11:00 pm on 3 August 2012

Pin Group Go To Town cover imageThe Pin Group, Flying Nun’s first signing, produced just two singles and an EP and were often compared to Joy Division – most likely because of lead singer Roy Montgomery’s Ian Curtis-like baritone and a certain murky droning quality to the music. (In what is now folklore, the EMI shop in Christchurch, where Montgomery worked, was spray-painted one night with the words “Roy Division”.)

On The Pin Group Go to Town, guitarist and singer Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphrey and drummer Peter Stapleton reworked their first single, 'Ambivalence', and recorded the classics 'Long Night', 'Power', 'When I Tell You' and 'A Thousand Sins'.

In this episode of Extended Play, Montgomery and Stapleton, with Christchurch contemporaries Bruce Russell and Arnie van Bussel, tell the story of recording the EP.

Interviewers: Jennifer Broadbent and Pennie Blair; Engineer: Hayden Booth; Producer: Troy Ferguson for 95bFM