17 Aug 2012

Extended Play: Look Blue Go Purple - LBGPEP2

From Extended Play: The Classic Flying Nun EPs, 11:06 pm on 17 August 2012

Look Blue Go Purple LBGPEP cover imageIt seems as though more local women began playing in bands in the early days of Flying Nun than ever before and Look Blue Go Purple were ahead of the game as we discover in this week’s episode of Extended Play.

The all-female group produced LBGPEP2 in 1986, “perfect summery pop,” writes Bruce Russell on the Flying Nun website. To talk about making the EP are band members Kath Webster, Denise Roughan, Lesley Paris and Francisca Griffin, as well as engineer Terry Moore, who played backwards guitar on Cactus Cat.

Produced by Troy Ferguson for 95bFM