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Focus on Politics for 3 July 2015

6:30 PM. New Zealand has the presidency of the United Nations Security Council, for the month of July.

Focus on Politics for 26 June 2015

6:36 PM. The Government is coming under increasing pressure to accept more refugees, particularly after the Prime Minister wrongly claimed thousands and thousands were getting into the country under the reunification programme. On Monday John Key was forced to correct himself, saying he had got mixed up over the figures for a three-year period. Mr Key has repeatedly defended having a refugee quota of just seven-hundred-and-fifty but other political parties say it is time to take more. Our political editor Brent Edwards looks at the debate.

Focus on Politics for 19 June 2015

6:36 PM. It's been a tumultuous week for the Housing Minister, Nick Smith, as he tries to keep the Government's grand plans for Auckland housing on track.

Focus on Politics for 12 June 2015

6:35 PM. Not long after Labour elected Andrew Little as leader he announced the party would confront what he said was one of the biggest challenges facing New Zealand: the future of work.

Focus on Politics for 5 June 2015

6:38 PM. The new Green Party male co-leader James Shaw has big, ambitious plans for the party.

Focus on Politics for 29 May 2015

6:36 PM. The Government has run into a roadblock, in the form of caucus resistance, over its workplace health and safety legislation.

Focus on Politics for 22 May 2015

6:35 PM. This week the Finance Minister, Bill English, delivered his seventh Budget and it included a surprise pay increase for beneficiaries with children.

Focus on Politics for 15 May 2015

6:35 PM. Six months after becoming the leader of the Labour Party, Andrew Little is forging new links with the business community as he makes economic growth his top priority.

Focus on Politics for 8 May 2015

6:35 PM. The challenge of solving the Auckland housing crisis continues to dog the Government, with it now publicly butting heads with the Auckland Council.

Focus on Politics for 1 May 2015

6:33 PM. The past week should have been a good one for the Prime Minister John Key. He attended a peace conference in Istanbul, the Anzac centennary ceremonies at Gallipoli and then visited the Gulf states to try to break a deadlock in free trade negotiations.

Focus on Politics for 24 April 2015

6:36 PM. Alarm, strong rolling earthquake has hit central New Zealand. Seismologist on quake. Top police commander says Livingstone case will cause great change. Auckland Council responds to Port chairman's resignation threat. Parade marks the beginning of in the Anzac centenary.

Focus on Politics for 17 April 2015

6:33 PM. Since 2012 when the then Mana Party leader Hone Harawira had his Feed the Kids bill drawn from the ballot, the debate on children going to school hungry has been heated.

Focus on Politics for 10 April 2015

6:35 PM. Dentists say they're sick and tired of taking out teeth from young children and are calling on the Government to take action to improve the state of the nation's teeth.

Focus on Politics for 27 March 2015

6:37 PM. The conduct of the Government's electronic spy agency has again come under scrutiny this week with allegations that in 2013 it spied on those competing for the job as the director-general of the World Trade Organisation in an effort to help Trade Minister Tim Groser's campaign.

Focus on Politics for 20 March 2015

6:35 PM. There's just one week left for candidates to campaign in the Northland by-election - and next Saturday we'll know the result.

Focus on Politics for 13 March 2015

6:34 PM. The Government is still negotiating with Iraq to secure legal protections for New Zealand soldiers going to Taji Camp north of Baghdad.

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