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  • Focus on Politics for 24 April 2014 ( 17′ 34″ )

    18:35 The announcement from the Labour MP Shane Jones that he will quit Parliament has thrown up another stumbling block to Labour's chances of winning the September election. It's not so much the loss of an individual MP, but the questions it's raised about party unity, the leadership and whether the party is going to appeal to a broad enough block of voters, to beat National.

  • Focus on Politics for 17 April 2014 ( 15′ 58″ )

    18:35 After years sitting on the outside the Green Party believes this year could be its time to make it into government. But the National Party has warned that any government involving the Greens would lurch to the extreme Left. The Prime Minister, John Key, repeatedly accuses the Greens of being anti-growth and he says that means fewer jobs and lower incomes. Our political editor Brent Edwards asks whether the Green Party does pose a threat to jobs and incomes.

  • Focus on Politics for 11 April 2014 ( 17′ 35″ )

    18:39 Is it a clever political ploy or just an example of two parties airing their dirty laundry? The Green Party approached Labour this week and pitched the idea of them campaigning under a banner of a 'Labour Greens', or even a 'Green Labour' government. That was rejected out of hand by Labour, which led to renewed examination of the relationship between the two potential allies.

  • Focus on Politics for 4 April 2014 ( 17′ 10″ )

    18:38 There are fewer than six months to go to the general election and in recent opinion polls the Labour Party has been struggling to lift its support much above 30 percent.

  • Focus on Politics for 28 March 2014 ( 16′ 13″ )

    18:38 Political parties are readying themselves for the election, but none are directly, or openly wooing the so-called Christian vote, not even the Conservatives.

  • Focus on Politics for 21 March 2014 ( 17′ 28″ )

    18:38 The Education Minister has once again found herself at the centre of a political storm, after allegations relating to the Kohanga Trust Board's commercial arm, have ended up with the Serious Fraud Office.

  • Focus on Politics for 14 March 2014 ( 15′ 30″ )

    18:38 This week the Prime Minister announced the election date and his plan for a referendum on the New Zealand flag.

  • Focus on Politics for 7 March 2014 ( 16′ 37″ )

    18:38 After being officially appointed as the new ACT leader, Jamie Whyte is now being heralded as the saviour of the party that's struggling to even register in political polls.

  • Focus on Politics for 28 February 2014 ( 17′ 11″ )

    18:38 It's election year and political parties have already begun rolling out policies to win the support of voters. But what role will leadership play in the election? National's John Key is determined to hold on to the Prime Ministership and Labour leader David Cunliffe is equally determined to prise it off him. Our political editor Brent Edwards talks to both leaders.

  • Focus on Politics for 21 February 2014 ( 16′ 38″ )

    18:40 Disagreement about how to reduce poverty and inequality is looming as one of the big debates of election year.

  • Focus on Politics for 14 February 2014 ( 16′ 7″ )

    18:38 Legislation to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products passed its first reading in Parliament this week with almost unanimous support.

  • Focus on Politics for 7 February 2014 ( 17′ 36″ )

    18:37 Politicians converging on Waitangi Marae this year were given a relatively easy run, with a noisy but respectful protest, and a few fish dropped at the Prime Minister's feet. History was made though - with women allowed to speak on the marae for the first time, 15 years after the former Labour Party leader Helen Clark was refused permission to speak.

  • Focus on Politics for 31 January 2014 ( 17′ 18″ )

    18:37 This week was the time for David Cunliffe to put his mark on the Labour Party just months after taking over the leadership from David Shearer.

  • Focus on Politics for 24 January 2014 ( 17′ 59″ )

    18:38 Election year has well and truly started - with the Prime Minister revealing which parties National would be willing to work with post-election, and the unveiling of a significant new education initiative. Our parliamentary chief reporter Jane Patterson takes a detailed look at both announcements.

  • Focus on Politics for 20 December 2013 ( 16′ 25″ )

    18:37 The Government released its Budget Policy Statement and half year economic and fiscal update this week. It is continuing to forecast a budget surplus for 2014-15 and now plans to start paying back public debt a year earlier than expected.

  • Focus on Politics for 13 December 2013 ( 16′ 24″ )

    18:38 After 18 months and at a cost of more than half-a-million dollars an inquiry into the leaking of Cabinet papers about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade restructuring could not find definitive evidence of who was responsible.