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  • Focus on Politics for 27 March 2015 ( 16′ 13″ )

    18:37 The conduct of the Government's electronic spy agency has again come under scrutiny this week with allegations that in 2013 it spied on those competing for the job as the director-general of the World Trade Organisation in an effort to help Trade Minister Tim Groser's campaign.

  • Focus on Politics for 20 March 2015 ( 16′ 00″ )

    18:35 There's just one week left for candidates to campaign in the Northland by-election - and next Saturday we'll know the result.

  • Focus on Politics for 13 March 2015 ( 17′ 58″ )

    18:34 The Government is still negotiating with Iraq to secure legal protections for New Zealand soldiers going to Taji Camp north of Baghdad.

  • Focus on Politics for 6 March 2015 ( 17′ 44″ )

    18:35 Claims that New Zealand is involved in the mass collection of data across the Pacific, then passing it on to America's National Security Agency, have re-ignited the debate about the actions of the Government Communications Security Bureau.

  • Focus on Politics for 27 February 2015 ( 18′ 09″ )

    18:35 This week the Government has officially told New Zealanders it will deploy a training force of 143 troops to Iraq, as its contribution to the US-led coalition against Islamic State.

  • Focus on Politics for 20 February 2015 ( 16′ 19″ )

    18:35 A spat broke out this week between Labour and the Greens over the membership of the top-level Intelligence and Security Committee.

  • Focus on Politics for 13 February 2015 ( 16′ 08″ )

    18:28 The Iraqi Government has formally asked New Zealand for help in the fight against Islamic State. New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, announced last year that his Government was considering what role it could play in Iraq. Today's request moves those considerations up a notch, and a final decision is likely in less than a fortnight.

  • Focus on Politics for 5 February 2015 ( 17′ 17″ )

    18:35 It's been 175 years since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, and the Crown and Maori are still grappling with what it means and how the agreement should be honoured.

  • Focus on Politics for 30 January 2015 ( 16′ 17″ )

    18:36 This week both the Prime Minister, John Key, and the Labour Party leader, Andrew Little, delivered their state-of-the-nation speeches in Auckland, with Mr Key outlining more details of the Government's plan to sell State houses.

  • Focus on Politics for 23 January 2015 ( 16′ 19″ )

    18:34 Two years ago the Government abandoned plans to overhaul the Resource Management Act when two of its support parties - United Future and the Maori Party - opposed it. Now National has enough votes in Parliament, with just the support of the ACT Party, to make whatever changes it wants.

  • Focus on Politics for 19 December 2014 ( 18′ 19″ )

    18:38 The Government's still clinging to its promise to return the books to surplus this financial year, despite Treasury predictions to the contrary.

  • Focus on Politics for 12 December 2014 ( 16′ 35″ )

    18:36 Parliament has risen for the year but not before rushing through legislation which gives the Security Intelligence Service greater powers to pry into people's lives.

  • Focus on Politics for 5 December 2014 ( 16′ 04″ )

    18:35 The Government is under continued pressure to defend its response to the threat posed by Islamic State. It was forced to water down its controversial anti-terror legislation this week, and to quash reports that the defence force is getting ready to deploy troops to Iraq.

  • Focus on Politics for 28 November 2014 ( 17′ 24″ )

    18:35 The Prime Minister, John Key, is on the defensive after an inquiry by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn, found his office fed information from the SIS to rightwing blogger Cameron Slater.

  • Focus on Politics for 21 November 2014 ( 16′ 19″ )

    18:36 The visit of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, ends a busy two weeks of international meetings for the Prime Minister, John Key. Last week Mr Key was at the APEC leaders' meeting in Beijing and the East Asian Summit in Myanmar before attending the G20 summit in Brisbane over the weekend. There most attention was focused on how to lift world economic growth but climate change also forced its way on to the agenda. Our political editor Brent Edwards was in Brisbane for the summit.

  • Focus on Politics for 14 November 2014 ( 16′ 05″ )

    18:43 The Labour Party has finally wrapped its three-week long roadshow; it'll soon decide on a new leader.