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A closer look at the TPP

6:35 PM. After years of wrangling the largest regional trade deal in the world, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, was finally settled this week. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, takes a look what the deal means for New Zealand and what the next steps will be.

Focus on Politics for 2 October 2015

6:36 PM. Since late last year there has been a huge increase in the number of New Zealanders being held in Australian detention centres, and this week it was revealed that one prisoner died while awaiting deportation back to New Zealand. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, considers whether the situation could strain relations between New Zealand and Australia.

Focus on Politics for 25 September 2015

6:34 PM. The father of a family who failed to claim refugee status based on climate change, was this week deported from New Zealand. But his case raised the broader question of, as the changing climate takes an increasing toll on low-lying islands in the Pacific, should New Zealand be doing more to help its neighbours? Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, investigates.

Focus on Politics for 18 September 2015

6:35 PM. In just two months time New Zealanders will be voting on four alternative flag designs which could possibly replace the country's current flag.

Focus on Politics for 11 September 2015

6:36 PM. After weeks of public and political pressure, the Government on Monday announced it would take an emergency quota of Syrian refugees.

Focus on Politics for 4 September 2015

6:38 PM. Numerous petitions, canvassing such diverse topics as banning shark cage diving to cannabis reform, are presented to Parliament every year for MPs to consider, but very few lead to law changes. So, are they a worthwhile use of MPs' time? Our political reporter, Amelia Langford, takes a look at the role of the petition in New Zealand's democratic process.

Focus on Politics for 28 August 2015

6:34 PM. Turmoil on the international stock markets this past week, with underlying fears of slowing growth in China, has raised questions about the resilience of the New Zealand economy.

Focus on Politics for 21 August 2015

6:35 PM. The workplace safety legislation that was supposed to be a response to the Pike River deaths has ended up the subject of ridicule, mainly because of how various industries have been categorised according to risk.

Focus on Politics for 14 August 2015

6:44 PM. This week the Government finally pulled the plug on its ailing coal company Solid Energy.

Focus on Politics for 7 August 2015

6:35 PM. New Zealand First has held its first annual conference since last year's general election, and its leader Winston Peter's win in the Northland by-election in March.

Focus on Politics for 31 July 2015

6:35 PM. Time now for Focus on Politics, where our parliamentary chief reporter, Jane Patterson, looks at how the political debate in New Zealand unfolded, during the week as the Trans Pacific Partnership talks were held in Hawaii.

Focus on Politics for 24 July 2015

6:35 PM. The National Party is holding its annual conference in Auckland this weekend as it nears the end of the first year of its third term in government.

Focus on Politics for 17 July 2015

6:35 PM. Dairy prices plunged again this week piling more pressure on the country's dairy farmers and New Zealand's biggest industry.

Focus on Politics for 10 July 2015

6:37 PM. This week the Government announced it aimed to cut greenhouse gas emissions eleven percent by 2030 from 1990 levels.

Focus on Politics for 3 July 2015

6:30 PM. New Zealand has the presidency of the United Nations Security Council, for the month of July.

Focus on Politics for 26 June 2015

6:36 PM. The Government is coming under increasing pressure to accept more refugees, particularly after the Prime Minister wrongly claimed thousands and thousands were getting into the country under the reunification programme. On Monday John Key was forced to correct himself, saying he had got mixed up over the figures for a three-year period. Mr Key has repeatedly defended having a refugee quota of just seven-hundred-and-fifty but other political parties say it is time to take more. Our political editor Brent Edwards looks at the debate.

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