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  • Focus on Politics for 25 July 2014 ( 17′ 3″ )

    18:37 New Zealand First is relishing an opportunity to potentially be a kingmaker following September's general election.

  • Focus on Politics for 18 July 2014 ( 16′ 45″ )

    18:34 Christchurch and its surrounding towns are slowly starting to be rebuilt after the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Our political editor Brent Edwards has been in Christchurch to find out whether the rebuild debate will dominate the election campaign in the city.

  • Focus on Politics for Friday 11 July 2014 ( 16′ 22″ )

    18:35 Young people are increasingly boycotting the ballot box and staying home on election day.

  • Focus on Politics for 4 July 2014 ( 17′ 13″ )

    18:52 Liz Banas looks at the fiasco of a Malaysian diplomat being able to flee the country without facing up to sex charges.

  • Focus on Politics for 27 June 2014 ( 16′ )

    18:37 The two major parties are holding their annual conferences over the next week as they prepare for the election campaign just weeks away.

  • Focus on Politics for 20 June 2014 ( 16′ 18″ )

    17:37 This week the Labour Party announced the details of its compulsory KiwiSaver policy. But that is not what dominated the news. Instead Labour's leader David Cunliffe had to spend the week defending himself after it was revealed he had written a letter in 2003 to the Immigration Service on behalf of businessman Donghua Liu. The Government used the revelation to attack Mr Cunliffe's credibility and promised it had more information to come on alleged donations Liu made to the Labour Party. Our political editor Brent Edwards reviews the week.

  • Focus on Politics for 13 June 2014 ( 16′ 6″ )

    18:38 The Green Party has put climate change back on centre stage for the coming election campaign after announcing it would introduce a carbon tax to help reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Focus on Politics for 6 June 2014 ( 15′ 52″ )

    18:38 While the court case against the ACT Party MP John Banks is finally at an end, the matter is likely to dominate political debate for weeks to come as he remains a Member of Parliament.

  • Focus on Politics for 30 May 2014 ( 16′ 57″ )

    18:38 The contest for votes on the left is heating up with the announcement this week of an alliance between the Mana and Internet parties and the reappearance of former Alliance Party MP Laila Harre.

  • Focus on Politics for 23 May 2014 ( 17′ )

    18:36 Youth unemployment has decreased since the last election but that still leaves 75 thousand young people in New Zealand who are not doing any kind of work, training or education.

  • Focus on Politics for 16 May 2014 ( 17′ 5″ )

    18:37 After six years of running deficits the Government is poised to run a budget surplus in the next financial year. As well, in his sixth Budget the Finance Minister, Bill English, has found the money to provide more support for struggling families, including making doctors' visits and prescriptions free for children aged up to 13.

  • Focus on Politics for 9 May 2014 ( 16′ 15″ )

    18:35 Two months after questions were first raised about the Justice Minister, Judith Collins', involvement with export company Oravida she cannot shake off accusations she has a conflict of interest.

  • Focus on Politics for 2 May 2014 ( 16′ 18″ )

    18:37 After a 27-year parliamentary career the National Party MP, Maurice Williamson, has resigned as a government minister. His crime was to ring the police about their investigation into domestic violence allegations against businessman Donghua Liu. The Prime Minister, John Key, says Mr Williamson crossed the line and had to go. The Labour Party leader, David Cunliffe, says the case is another example of declining ministerial standards within the Government. Our political editor Brent Edwards looks at the political fall-out from Mr Williamson's fall from grace.

  • Focus on Politics for 24 April 2014 ( 17′ 34″ )

    18:35 The announcement from the Labour MP Shane Jones that he will quit Parliament has thrown up another stumbling block to Labour's chances of winning the September election. It's not so much the loss of an individual MP, but the questions it's raised about party unity, the leadership and whether the party is going to appeal to a broad enough block of voters, to beat National.

  • Focus on Politics for 17 April 2014 ( 15′ 58″ )

    18:35 After years sitting on the outside the Green Party believes this year could be its time to make it into government. But the National Party has warned that any government involving the Greens would lurch to the extreme Left. The Prime Minister, John Key, repeatedly accuses the Greens of being anti-growth and he says that means fewer jobs and lower incomes. Our political editor Brent Edwards asks whether the Green Party does pose a threat to jobs and incomes.

  • Focus on Politics for 11 April 2014 ( 17′ 35″ )

    18:39 Is it a clever political ploy or just an example of two parties airing their dirty laundry? The Green Party approached Labour this week and pitched the idea of them campaigning under a banner of a 'Labour Greens', or even a 'Green Labour' government. That was rejected out of hand by Labour, which led to renewed examination of the relationship between the two potential allies.