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  • Political Editor Brent Edwards ( 5′ 14″ )

    17:25 From our Auckland studio, Brent wraps up the days announcement and reactions.

  • Sue Moroney ( 4′ 49″ )

    17:19 Sue Moroney is a senior Labour MP, who resigned as the party's senior whip on Tuesday. She spoke to Jane Patterson.

  • Senior Labour MP Grant Robertson ( 5′ 40″ )

    17:13 The senior Labour MP and former deputy leader Grant Robertson was defeated by David Cunliffe in the last leadership contest. He told Jane Patterson he will contest the leadership.

  • The Announcement ( 5′ 54″ )

    17:09 David Cunliffe has officially resigned as Labour leader.

  • Focus on Politics Special ( 22′ 11″ )

    17:00 Labour Leader David Cunliffe has resigned.

  • Focus on Politics for 26 September 2014 ( 17′ 27″ )

    18:35 Saturday night's election result has resulted in the John Key-led government being re-installed and the Labour Party plunged into crisis.

  • Focus on Politics for 19 September 2014 ( 16′ 54″ )

    18:37 From tonight party leaders can only wait until the vote is counted tomorrow night. In the last week there have been revelations about spying and speculation about what a post-election goverment might look like.

  • Focus on Politics for 12 September 2014 ( 15′ 45″ )

    18:37 This week the Child Poverty Action Group released its report calling on all political parties to take a range of steps in education, health and income support to help the country's poorest children.

  • Focus on Politics for 5 September 2014 ( 16′ 8″ )

    18:38 Arguments about tax policy gained momentum this week as political parties focused more strongly on policy differences. National is promising to release broad details about its tax cut plans next Monday but faces criticism there is not enough money for the proposal. At the same time the Labour Party leader, David Cunliffe, stumbled over the details of his party's capital gains tax policy, renewing National's attack on the plan. Here's our political editor Brent Edwards.

  • Focus on Politics for 29 August 2014 ( 16′ 42″ )

    18:34 While the disclosures in Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics continue to cast a shadow over the election campaign, this week there was more focus on policy. The Saturday broadcast of this programme was replaced with a live special covering the resignation of Judith Collins as a minster.

  • Focus on Politics for 22 August 2014 ( 16′ 23″ )

    18:35 More than a week on from the release of Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics, the Prime Minister, John Key, is still having to deal with its consequences.

  • Focus on Politics for 15 August 2014 ( 16′ 50″ )

    18:35 Investigative writer Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics has been immediately denounced by the Prime Minister as being full of baseless accusations that do not stack up. But email and facebook exchanges included in the book do add weight to its contention that senior National figures have used rightwing bloggers to attack the Labour Party.

  • Focus on Politics for 8 August 2014 ( 15′ 31″ )

    18:35 Land sales to foreigners has again reared its head as a political issue just weeks out from the September the 20th election.

  • Focus on Politics for 1 August 2014 ( 16′ 54″ )

    18:38 This week the Prime Minister announced which parties will get National Party help this election. He gave the nod to National supporters to vote for the United Future's Peter Dunne, in Ohariu and ACT candidate David Seymour in Epsom. But he dashed any hopes the Conservative Party might have had that National would stand aside in East Coast Bays. His announcement came as Parliament wound up for the term, leaving politicians and their parties to spend the next seven weeks campaigning until the election on September the 20th. Our political editor Brent Edwards looks back on Parliament's last week.

  • Focus on Politics for 25 July 2014 ( 17′ 3″ )

    18:37 New Zealand First is relishing an opportunity to potentially be a kingmaker following September's general election.

  • Focus on Politics for 18 July 2014 ( 16′ 45″ )

    18:34 Christchurch and its surrounding towns are slowly starting to be rebuilt after the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Our political editor Brent Edwards has been in Christchurch to find out whether the rebuild debate will dominate the election campaign in the city.