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Focus on Politics for 6 February 2106

5:10 PM. The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been signed in Auckland this week but not without controversy. Opponents of the 12-nation free trade deal argue it's a trojan horse that will undermine New Zealand's sovereignty and leave the country vulnerable to lawsuits from big international corporations. The Government will now hold roadshows around the country to try to sell the benefits of the TPP to the public but some say they've left it too late. Our political reporter Amelia Langford takes a look at why this particular trade deal has been so contentious.

Focus on politics for 29 January 2016

6:43 PM. The political year's begun in earnest with party leaders including the Prime Minister delivering speeches this past week positioning themselves for the year ahead. It's already been a turbulent start to the year with international stock market volatility, and continued debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Our political editor Jane Patterson sat down with the Prime Minister John Key to discuss the year ahead and the Government's priorities.

Focus on Politics for 22 January 2016

6:43 PM. The Labour Party plans to set out most of its major policy this year ahead of the 2017 general election. It will also continue to work closely with the Greens as the two parties try to present what they think an alternative Government will look like. Our deputy political editor, Chris Bramwell, talked to Labour's leader Andrew Little about his plans for the year ahead.

Focus on Politics for 24 December 2015

5:33 PM. The former Climate Change and Trade Minister, Tim Groser, is leaving politics to replace Mike Moore as New Zealand's ambassador to the United States.

Focus on Politics for 18 December 2015

6:34 PM. The Government's ended the year cautiously optimistic about the state of the economy.

Focus on Politics for 11 December 2015

6:34 PM. New Zealand's dairy industry is touted as one of the best in the world, especially in terms of its treatment of animals - but is there a dark side?

Focus on Politics for 4 December 2015

6:35 PM. The Prime Minister raised a few eyebrows this week when he called for the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies at the world climate change summit in Paris.

Focus on Politics

6:36 PM. As another eleven convicted criminals were sent back to New Zealand this week, the Labour Party was in Canberra applying direct pressure to the Australian Government to change its immigration rules.

Focus on Politics for 20 November 2015

6:35 PM. Paris may be thousands of kilometres from New Zealand, but will the fall-out from last weekend's terror attacks reach these shores?The attacks have strengthened political resolve around the world to work more closely against the threat of terrorism. Our political editor, Jane Patterson, takes a look at whether there will be any direct changes to New Zealand laws, or way of life.

Focus on Politics for 13 November 2015

6:36 PM. There have been extraordinary scenes at Parliament this week, stemming from the debate over the treatment of New Zealanders being detained by Australian authorities on Christmas Island. During question time the Prime Minister accused the opposition of backing sex offenders and rapists - that would culminate in several women MPs revealing past sexual assaults and abuse, in an attempt to force an apology from John Key. Here's our political editor Jane Patterson.

Focus on Politics for 6 November 2015

6:35 PM. When it comes to sport, particularly rugby, New Zealand politicians seem keen to get on the bandwagon and associate themselves with victory. But is there a line and when is it crossed? Our political reporter, Amelia Langford, takes a closer look at sport and nationalism.

Focus on Politics for 30 October 2015

6:35 PM. New Zealand made history by becoming the first country to give women the vote but is it still breaking new ground in 2015?

Focus on Politics for 23 October 2015

6:35 PM. Australia remains steadfast on its policy to deport about a thousand New Zealanders, despite a meeting between the two Prime Ministers where that issue was top of the agenda.

Focus on the Government Books

6:36 PM. After talking it up for years, the National-led Government was finally able to announce this week that it had got the books back into surplus. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, looks at the numbers and the politics around National's self-imposed target.

A closer look at the TPP

6:35 PM. After years of wrangling the largest regional trade deal in the world, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, was finally settled this week. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, takes a look what the deal means for New Zealand and what the next steps will be.

Focus on Politics for 2 October 2015

6:36 PM. Since late last year there has been a huge increase in the number of New Zealanders being held in Australian detention centres, and this week it was revealed that one prisoner died while awaiting deportation back to New Zealand. Our political reporter, Chris Bramwell, considers whether the situation could strain relations between New Zealand and Australia.

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