From Age to Age

From Age to Age - Barry Bicknell

11:00 AM.Barry Bricknell is a celebrated potter, and sculptor of wonderfully eccentric pieces of art. He also built the Driving Creek Railway, which is now a tourist attraction in the hills just north of Coromandel town. But at 71, Barry's set up a trust to protect his property and is retreating from public life. He talks to David Steemson in what he claims is his last ever interview!

From Age to Age - Anne Barry

11:00 AM.Anne Barry fought for years to become New Zealand's first woman fire fighter. Eventually she did, in a blaze of publicity! She went on to fight fires round Auckland till the mid 1990s. For the last decade Annie and her ex-fire fighter husband 'JB' have toured New Zealand and Australia in their custom-made luxury house bus, and are thinking about a new career in international house sitting.

From Age to Age - Betty Ransom

11:00 AM.American-born Betty Ransom lived around Asia with her diplomat husband. Today she is a widow living with her oldest daughter in a small New Zealand country town. She has lost both husband and her first-born son. Betty, 85, half-jokingly calls her daughter "my caregiver".

From Age to Age - John and Cath Carpenter

11:00 AM.John and Kath Carpenter were bikies in their "yoof". Kath always sat on the back but then she was badly injured in a motorcycle accident, and John has spent the last thirty years NOT looking in motorbike shop windows. Now, with one older teenage child, the Carpenters are heading towards retirement. They've allowed themselves to fall in love with motorcycling all over again.

From Age to Age - Maureen Thomas

11:00 AM.Maureen Thomas grew up in India between the two world wars, at the height of the British rule. Thirty years later she found herself living in New Zealand with four children, pregnant with a fifth, and a husband who'd disappeared in mysterious circumstances that remain unresolved to this day. Maureen is now in her 80s living near Orewa.