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The full length interviews selected from Radio New Zealand National's feature programmes during the week.

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  • Feature: The untold story of the "black diggers" ( 28′ 56″ )

    100 years on from the beginning of World War 1, Australian playwright and director, Wesley Enoch talks to us about uncovering the untold story of the aboriginal soldiers of World War 1, known as the Black Diggers. His play Black Diggers is being performed at the Brisbane Arts Festival.

    From Nine To Noon on 14 Apr 2014

  • Don Brash: luck and consequences ( 35′ 3″ )

    Former Governor of the Reserve, and leader of the National and ACT parties, who tells his story in the memoir, Incredible Luck.

    From Saturday Morning on 12 Apr 2014

  • Feature: Hilary Kay, Antiques Roadshow expert ( 30′ 23″ )

    Hilary Kay is one of the cornerstone experts on the hugely popular British TV series Antiques Roadshow. The programme has been on air since 1979 with hundreds of episodes screened across seven countries. Her love of antiques was fostered by her grandfather who introduced her to a Victorian microscope when she was a little girl. She's in New Zealand talking to Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.

    From Nine To Noon on 08 Apr 2014

  • Yannis Simonides: Socrates ( 29′ 40″ )

    Founder and director of the Greek Theatre of New York, who brings Socrates Now, his interactive production of Plato's classic, to New Zealand this month.

    From Saturday Morning on 05 Apr 2014

  • Geoff Robinson: retiring radio broadcaster ( 35′ 32″ )

    Morning Report presenter Geoff Robinson reflects on almost 40 years at the programme's helm, ahead of his retirement. With Kathryn Ryan.

    From Nine To Noon on 31 Mar 2014

  • Nick Agar - enhancement and ethics ( 33′ 24″ )

    Reader in Philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington whose main research interests are in the ethics of the new genetics and biotechnology. His new book is Truly Human Enhancement: A Philosophical Defense of Limits.

    From Saturday Morning on 29 Mar 2014

  • Feature: Dr Charles Elachi - Exploring the Unknown ( 27′ 42″ )

    NASA space explorer Dr Charles Elachi, who led the recent mission to Mars with a rover called Curiosity.

    From Nine To Noon on 24 Mar 2014

  • Niall McLaughlin: star architect ( 40′ 58″ )

    London-based architect and Visiting Professor of Architecture at University College, London. His designs have won many awards, and he is visiting New Zealand as guest lecturer for the 2014 Futuna Lecture Series.

    From Saturday Morning on 22 Mar 2014

  • Feature: Garth McIntyre - New Zealand's shipwrecks ( 30′ 15″ )

    Wellington businessman and deep sea diver, Garth McIntyre is proposing a shipwreck visitor centre on Wellington's Waterfront.

    From Nine To Noon on 18 Mar 2014

  • Max Porter: editing and publishing ( 28′ 23″ )

    Editor at Granta Books whose first publishing project was The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.

    From Saturday Morning on 15 Mar 2014

  • Dr Lochie Teague - Starship Children's Hospital ( 32′ 24″ )

    Paediatrician Lochie Teague is the author of Starship: Inside Our National Children's Hospital, which looks at the history of New Zealand's national children's hospital over the last 21 years.

    From Nine To Noon on 10 Mar 2014

  • Marcus Chown : the universe and health ( 25′ 45″ )

    British astrophysicist Marcus Chown is cosmology consultant for the New Scientist, the author of many popular science books, and recipient of the 2011 Future Book Award for his iPad app The Solar System. He is an executive committee member of the National Health Action Party, and has been named the "most influential tweeter about David Cameron" by academics at Imperial College.

    From Saturday Morning on 08 Mar 2014

  • Spencer Wells: analysing human genomes ( 48′ 32″ )

    Head of the Genographic Project at National Geographic, a study that has involved the DNA sampling of more than 650,000 people in 130 countries around the world.

    From Saturday Morning on 22 Feb 2014

  • Search for the South Island kokako ( 13′ 32″ )

    With Rhys Buckingham and Ron Nilsson.

    From Nine To Noon on 18 Feb 2014

  • Stuart McNaughton : reading ( 38′ 22″ )

    Reading and literacy Director of the Woolf Fisher Research Centre at the University of Auckland's Faculty of Education, who is about to be inducted into the International Reading Association's Reading Hall of Fame.

    From Saturday Morning on 15 Feb 2014