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Artist: Smokeshop (opening theme)
Song: Fusion at Room Temperature
Composer: Watson, Smokeshop
Album: Fusion at Room Temperature
Label: Pagan

Artist: Mory Kanté
Song: Yeke Yeke
Composer: Mory Kanté
Album: Best Of Mory Kanté
Label: Barclay

Artist: Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band
Song: Heartaches and Pain
Composer: Charles Bradley
Album: No Time for Dreaming
Label: Dap Tone Records

Artist: Agnes Obel
Song: Aventine
Composer: Agnes Obel
Album: Aventine
Label:  PIAS

Artist: Ha The Unclear
Song: Kosmonzvt
Composer: M.Cathro,P.Cathro, B. Sargeant, T.Francis
Album: Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go
Label: Ha The Unclear via Bandcamo

Artist: Songhoy Blues
Song: Soubour
Composer: Songhoy Blues
Album: Music in Exile
Label: Transgressive Records / PIAS

Artist: The Accidentals
Song: Bittersweet
Composer: Larson, Buist
Album: Bittersweet
Label: The Accidentals

Artist: Shelter Point
Song: Cut Me Loose  
Composer: Robin Hearn,  Liam Arnold
Album: single via Soundcloud
Label: Space + Time Records

Artist: Astor Piazzolla
Song: Astor's Speech / Tanguedia III
Composer: Astor Piazzolla
Album: The Central Park Concert
Label: Chesky Records

Artist: Jimmy Reed
Song: Take Out Some Insurance
Composer: Singleton
Album: Jimmy Reed Blues Master Works
Label: Delta Records

Artist: Lail Arad
Song: Winter
Composer: Lail Arad
Album: Someone New
Label: Notify Music

Artist: Martyn Bennett
Song: Blackbird - feat. What A Voice' sung by Lizzie Higgins
Composer: traditional – music by Martyn Bennett
Album: Grit
Label: Real World Records

Artist: SJD
Song: I Saw The Future
Composer: Sean James Donelly
Album: Saint John Divine
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: Bio Ritmo
Song: El Rayito
Composer: Bio Ritmo
Album: Bio Ritmo
Label: Locutor Records