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Artist: Smokeshop

Song: Fusion at Room temperature (opening theme)
Composer: Watson
Album: Fusion at Room temperature
Label: Pagan Records

Artist: Driss El Maloumi
Song: Imtidad
Composer: Driss El Maloumi
Album: Makan
Label: Contre-jour

Artist: Graham Brazier
Song: Long Gone For Good
Composer: Graham Brazier
Album: East of Eden
Label: Wildside Records

Artist: Galactic (feat. Mavis Staples)
Song: Does It Really Make a Difference
Composer: Galactic,  Mavis Staples
Album: Into The Deep
Label: Mascot Music Productions 2015

Artist: New Order
Song: Plastic
Composer: New Order
Album: Music Complete
Label: Mute Records

Artist: Buffy Sainte-Marie
Song: Power in the Blood
Composer: Buffy Sainte-Marie
Album: Power in the Blood
Label: Gypsy Boy Music / High Romance Music Inc.

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: You'll Never Walk Alone
Composer: Rodgers and Hammerstein
Album: Little Girl Blue (Remastered 2013)
Label: Bethlehem Records

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Mississippi Goddam
Composer: Nina Simone
Album: Feeling Good: The Very Best Of Nina Simone
Label: Universal Music Group

Artist: Blick Bassy
Song: Aké
Composer: Blick Bassy
Album: Akö
Label: No Format Records (France)

Artist: William DeVaughn
Song: Be Thankful For What You've Got
Composer: William DeVaughn
Album: Be Thankful For What You've Got
Label: Roxbury Records

Artist: Eb & Sparrow
Song: Kimbolton
Composer: Ebony Lamb
Album: Sun / Son
Label: Deatbeat Records – dist. Southbound Records

Artist: Neil Young
Song: On The Beach
Composer: Neil Young
Album: On The Beach
Label: Reprise Records