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Artist: Smokeshop  (opening theme)
Song: Fusion at Room Temperature
Composer: Watson
Album: Fusion at Room Temperature
Label: Pagan Records

Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire
Song: Bad Tune
Composer: M.Beal, Wade Flemons, Maurice White, Verdine White, Don Whitehead
Album: Earth, Wind & Fire
Label: Warner Music

Artist: Issa Bagayogo
Song: Filaw
Composer: Issa Bagayogo
Album:  Mali Koura
Label: Six Degrees

Artist: Che Fu
Song: Fade Away (Soane Mix)
Composer: Ness
Album: Fade Away CD single
Label: Sony Music NZ

Artist: Mike Dawes
Song: Boogie Shred
Composer: Mike Dawes
Album: What Just Happened
Label: Candy Rat Records

Artist: Brian Protheroe
Song: Pinball
Composer: Brian Protheroe
Album:  Zig Zag
Label: Basta Music

Artist: Bobby Byrd
Song: Back From The Dead
Composer: Bobby Byrd
Album: Sayin' It And Doin' It
Label: SoulKitchen Soulciety

Artist: D J Swami
Song: Desi Rock
Composer: D J Swami
Album: It's a Worlds World
Label: EMI NZ

Artist: Fred Neil
Song: The Dolphins
Composer: Fred Neil
Album:  The Many Sides of Fred Neil
Label: Capitol Records

Artist: Lightnin' Hopkins
Song: Happy New Year
Composer: Lightnin' Hopkins
Album: Where Will You Be Christmas Day?
Label: Dust To Digital

Artist: Marlon Williams
Song: I'm Lost Without You
Composer: Marlon Williams
Album: Marlon Williams
Label: 2015 Marlon Williams

Artist: The Touré-Raichel Collective
Song: Hawa
Composer: Touré-Raichel
Album:  The Tel Aviv Sessions
Label: Cumbancha