Sunday 11 December 2011, with Paul Diamond

Sunday, 11 December 2011
Post Treaty Settlement Aotearoa

Ideas for 11 December 2011

11:05 AM.Earlier this year, Victoria University's Institute of Policy Studies and Kawa a Maui (School of Maori Studies) launched the Post Treaty Settlements website. One of those behind the site, associate professor Paul Callister, believes that the idea that the signalled 2014 end of the historical settlements process will usher in new Crown-Maori relations and end grievances is unfounded. Ideas talks to some of the thinkers who've contributed essays to the site - lawyer Toko Kapea, historian Ewan Morris, and Wellington engineer Steven Young.

Earlier this year Victoria University’s Institute of Policy Studies and Te Awa a Maui – the school of Maori studies – launched the Post Treaty Settlements website. Paul Diamond talks to four of the extraordinarily diverse range of thinkers who have contributed essays to the site: demographer Tahu Kukutai, editor of the Chinese in New Zealand website, Steven Young; lawyer Toko Kapea; and historian Ewan Morris.