25 May 2016

The Day In Parliament for 26 May 2016

From In Parliament, 4:50 am on 25 May 2016

Budget Day and Bill English's eighth overshadows proceedings, from questions to ministers to the General Debate. The Speaker, David Carter, warns members that reading their speeches in the General Debate will be tolerated no longer. Sue Moroney's bill extending paid parental from eighteen to twenty-six weeks passes its second reading for the second time, by the same margin of sixty-one to sixty as the Maori Party and United Future's Peter Dunne add their three votes to the fifty-eight of the three main opposition parties, Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First, to defeat the sixty of National and ACT. The Health Committee hears evidence on a petition calling for a ban on smoking in cars; Law and Order Committee receives petition calling on the Minister and Commissioner of Police to ensure a Police Officer be resident in the town of Ross on the South Island's West Coast.