Philippa Tolley travels to Samoa as huge celebrations are held to mark half a centuary since it gained independence from New Zealand.

But what is the relationship betwen the two countries like now?

New Zealand offers support, but issues around immigration and citizenship still rankle.

Radio New Zealand's Pacific Affairs Correspondent, Karen Mangnall, follows celebrations in Auckland, and asks the Samoa community there for their thoughts on  the connections between Apia and Wellington.

Gallery: Samoan Independence Celebrations


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8:12 am Sunday 30 November: Insight: The Future State of Social Housing

boarded up housing harzard grve cannons creekIs the National-led government's desire to step away from state housing just ideological, or will it work and give the thousands of people on housing waiting lists a place to call home?

As the government moves to sell off more than twenty thousand state houses, many church groups and Iwi say they are keen to take them on.

But they want the properties at a discount and they don't want to lumped with the dumps.

Radio New Zealand's Housing reporter, Teresa Cowie looks at the future of state housing and whether charities and private companies could do a better job.

Photo: State housing Cannons Creek, Porirua  (RNZ / Teresa Cowie)



8:12 am Sunday 7 December: Insight: NZ Muslim Communities and the Shadow of ISIS

Mosque KilbirnieParliament is  considering legislation under urgency anti-terror laws that will give spy agencies unprecedented powers.

The  law change  is aimed at countering the threat from Islamic State supporters.

But what effect is this focus having on NZ’s Muslim communities?

In recent times there have been reports of racial abuse by those who seem to think anyone who is a Muslim is a terrorist.

Philippa Tolley speaks to members of the community about the pressure many now feel they are under.

Photo Kilbirnie Mosque (RNZ / Philippa Tolley)