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Philippa Tolley travels to Samoa as huge celebrations are held to mark half a centuary since it gained independence from New Zealand.

But what is the relationship betwen the two countries like now?

New Zealand offers support, but issues around immigration and citizenship still rankle.

Radio New Zealand's Pacific Affairs Correspondent, Karen Mangnall, follows celebrations in Auckland, and asks the Samoa community there for their thoughts on  the connections between Apia and Wellington.

Gallery: Samoan Independence Celebrations


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8:12 am Sunday 20 April: Insight: Marine Reserves: important protection or tokenism?

Abel Tasman

More marine reserves than ever before - a genuine step forward for conservation, or nothing more than a token gesture?

The Government says it is committed to preserving New Zealand's marine environment with a record number of marine reserves due to be unveiled this year. It recently  announced proposals for its biggest one so far - a ten-thousand hectare reserve off the coast of Kaikoura. The Government says it wants to be a world leader in marine management but environmentalists are saying the reserves are offering a pitiful level of protection.

They say the introduction of more reserves is a clear contradiction when the Government continues to encourage oil and gas exploration. So is New Zealand paving the way as a world leader in marine protection or is at all just smoke and mirrors?

Radio New Zealand's fisheries reporter, Alison Hossain, investigates

Photo: Tonga Island Marine Reserve in the Abel Tasman National Park

8:12 am Sunday 27 April: Insight: Closing the Education Gap

Arne Duncan US Embassy credit Press Secretary Sean Gillespie resizedNew Zealand has one of the worst gaps in performance between rich children and poor children in the developed world.

What can we learn from other countries where that span between top and bottom is much smaller?

Do the likes of Germany, Finland, Hong Kong or Canada have the answers?

Radio New Zealand's education correspondent, John Gerritsen, asks some of the education ministers and teachers' representatives at an International Summit on the Teaching Profession about the secrets to their success.

Photo: RNZ's Education Correspondent, John Gerritsen, interviewing  US Secretary for Education, Arne Duncan, during the International Summit on the Teaching Profession. Credt Sean Gallespie US Embassy