Insight for 10 June 2012 - Samoa's 50 years of Independence

Philippa Tolley reports from Apia and Karen Mangnall from Auckland on the relationship between Samoa and NZ .

Philippa Tolley travels to Samoa as huge celebrations are held to mark half a centuary since it gained independence from New Zealand.

But what is the relationship betwen the two countries like now?

New Zealand offers support, but issues around immigration and citizenship still rankle.

Radio New Zealand's Pacific Affairs Correspondent, Karen Mangnall, follows celebrations in Auckland, and asks the Samoa community there for their thoughts on  the connections between Apia and Wellington.

Gallery: Samoan Independence Celebrations


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8:12 am Sunday 24 May: Vanuatu & Tussles Over Cyclone Aid

Mopther and childWaiting for help ( RNZI/ Koroi Hawkins )

Just over two months ago a super cyclone named Pam tore through the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu killing 11 people.

Tens of thousands, in the mostly subsistence farming communities, were left without homes or food gardens.

Controversy emerged over the slow distribution of aid in the face of enormous need.

Radio New Zealand International's reporter, Koroi Hawkins, flew into Port Vila two days after the cyclone hit and spent the next two weeks covering the human impact of the disaster.

In this Insight, he examines Vanuatu's approach to disaster management and asks whether the government made the right decision in prioritising assessments over immediate action or whether people were made to suffer unnecessarily as a result.