png election

Papua New Guinea’s just completed general election marks a major political juncture for the resource-rich, but impoverished Pacific nation.  

Coming after political conflict  which has dominated PNG's government for the past year, the country appears on the cusp of prosperity and mayhem alike.

Johnny Blades  looks at whether the nation’s political leadership can keep PNG from tipping into chaos.

Gallery: Photographs taken by Johnny Blades in Papua New Guinea





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8:12 am Sunday 19 April: Insight - Is the NZ Terrorist Threat Real?

hamilton mosqueFriday prayers at a mosque in Hamilton (Photo RNZ / Andrew McRae)

The Prime Minister has warned New Zealand is not immune to the terrorist threat posed by Islamic State. 

And the Security Intelligence Service director, Rebecca Kitteridge, says the service is closely monitoring 30 to 40 people, some of whom some are "actively thinking of doing something in New Zealand". 

But the country's threat level is still low and critics say the Government is exaggerating the risk to justify sending troops to Iraq.

Brent Edwards, investigates the seriousness of the threat and whether New Zealand is coming up with the right response.


8:12 am Sunday 26 April: Insight - The Centenary of the Gallipoli Landings

NZ and Aus soldiers land at Anzac Cove GallipoliNew Zealand and Australian soldiers land at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey. (Photo:Alexander Turnbull Library)

Following the Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli itself, Insight highlights the special moments from the Dawn Service through to Chunuk Bair. 

Philippa Tolley speaks to the Radio New Zealand team at Gallipoli about how those attending have responded to the events marking the occasion 100 years on.