png election

Papua New Guinea’s just completed general election marks a major political juncture for the resource-rich, but impoverished Pacific nation.  

Coming after political conflict  which has dominated PNG's government for the past year, the country appears on the cusp of prosperity and mayhem alike.

Johnny Blades  looks at whether the nation’s political leadership can keep PNG from tipping into chaos.

Gallery: Photographs taken by Johnny Blades in Papua New Guinea





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8:15 am Sunday 21 September: Morning Report Election Special

This week Insight takes a break due to the 2014 General Election.

Radio New Zealand's Morning Report Election Special with hosts Mary Wilson and Wallace Chapman will be on air with comments from the winners and losers, an analysis of the results and the implications for the incoming government between 7 - 9am Sunday 21 September.

Insight returns at 8:15am on Sunday 28 September.