Insight for 12 August 2012 - PNG and Political Mayhem

Johnny Blades goes to PNG to explore whether the elections will help the nation recover from a year of poltical conflict.

png election

Papua New Guinea’s just completed general election marks a major political juncture for the resource-rich, but impoverished Pacific nation.  

Coming after political conflict  which has dominated PNG's government for the past year, the country appears on the cusp of prosperity and mayhem alike.

Johnny Blades  looks at whether the nation’s political leadership can keep PNG from tipping into chaos.

Gallery: Photographs taken by Johnny Blades in Papua New Guinea





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8:12 am Sunday 18 October: Insight: NZ's Mission To Iraq

original large KEY IRAQ TAJI
Iraqi troops training at Camp Taji in Iraq while NZ Prime Minister John Key looks on.( Supplied / Pool Image)  

RNZ's Political Editor Jane Patterson travels to Taji Camp in Iraq for a first hand view of the training operations being undertaken by New Zealand troops.

Around 140 NZ personnel are serving in a joint mission with Australia to train Iraqi security forces in the fight against Islamic State.

Media joined the Prime Minister on a visit earlier this month which was dogged by delays and sandstorms, with the details only known by a few senior members of the NZDF and the government.