Pacific women marchThe Pacific region has some of the worst statistics for women in the world, with about two thirds of women having suffered some kind of violence at the hand of a family member.

Women's economic power is lower, as are rates of health and education.

At the same time, the region has few women in elected positions.

Insight looks at moves to increase political representation across the region, and at whether that will improve the status of Pacific women.

And are New Zealand and Australia are doing enough to help women living in the Pacific in some of the world's poorest countries?.

Image:  Women's organisation in Kiribati holds anniversary parade.

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8:12 am Sunday 24 August: The Big Issues - Education, Health & the Economy

Education, health and the economy are the three big issues in any election.  

But how well do the political parties' policies address the key problems in those sectors, and how effective will they be in resolving disparities between the haves and the have-nots?

Radio New Zealand's education, health and economics correspondents team up for this pre-election Insight special. They find out what experts including teachers, doctors, and business people think of parties' policies, and ask how inequalities in health, wealth and education might be addressed.

8:12 am Sunday 31 August: Insight: The Realities of Auckland

ak city supplied maybe ateedIn the second part of this Insight mini- series looking at election issues, we tackle what the political party policies mean for Auckland.  

Radio New Zealand’s Auckland Correspondent, Todd Niall and Pacific Issues Correspondent  Karen Mangnall investigate how the key issues facing the country's biggest city are affecting  both those doing well and those struggling.  

Housing- from the perspective of someone living in a car through to the professional property investor. Employment – the city has high  jobless rates among its young , despite improving headline employment data.

Insight also looks at the relationship between Auckland's Council and central Government and how that affects the way problems are tackled.

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