In the Goldilocks Zone

Part 1 - Why Planet Earth is Right for Us

09:01 Creative Director Leo Gene Peters and scientists Tim Naish, Lionel Carter and David Wharton discuss the unique set of circumstances that allow life on earth to develop and flourish.

Part 2 - The Next Extinction?

09:02 Of all the species that ever existed, 99% are now extinct. A series of Great Dyings have occurred. Why?

Part 3 - Great Migrations

09:03 It took around 150,000 years for Humans to travel from Africa to Aotearoa. What happened along the way?

Part 4 - The Rise of the Thinkers

09:04 Homo sapiens ... literally 'wise man'. Wise because of what exactly? Do we deserve this title collectively?

Part 5 - A Plague on their Houses

09:05 The more we've adapted our lives to avoid pathogens and plagues, the more they've adapted themselves to us.

Part 6 - We are the ones we've been waiting for

09:06 Anyone who is even vaguely alert will be aware that there's something up with this planet of ours. What's Up?