Jazz Footprints

Jazz Footprints for 24 August 2011

On Jazz Footprints this week, world music and jazz vocalist Carolina Moon expresses her love of language. Originally from the U.K., her study of music and language took her to India where she studied Indian vocal techniques and raga, and Sydney where she studied Mideaval language. Now based at Auckland University teaching Jazz Vocals, her most recent CD is "Mother Tongue: Songs from The Medieval Heart of Judeo Spain."

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This weeks Jazz Footprints features world music and jazz vocalist Carolina Moon (formally known as Caroline Lynn).  She recently released a CD featuring traditional Sephardic music using the language of Ladino.  She is also active in the Auckland jazz scene - performing, teaching and helping to run the Creative Jazz Club (CJC).

Music Details:

Carolina Moon: Close Your Eyes
Composer: Petkere
From the album: East of The Sun
(Global Routes)

Caroline Lynn: Kiss
Composer: Nock / Lynne
From the album: The Shaman’s Kiss
(Newmarket Music)

Carolina Moon: A La Nana
Composer: Traditional (Sephardic)
From the album: Mother Tongue: Songs from the Medieval Heart of Judeo Spain

Norma Winstone: A Timeless Place
Composer: Rowles / Winstone
From the album: Best Kept Secret


Carolina Moon
Carolina Moon jazz group
The Creative Jazz Club in Auckland