09:10   News and current affairs

09:30 On the Radar - Delaney Mes

Delaney Mes is a food-obsessed 20-something living in Wellington. Her blog heartbreakpie.com began as a cure for heartbreak; and now happily heartbreak-free the blog continues with recipes, reviews and general banter about life.

09:40 Daily competition winners - your favourite walking tracks

Winner: Warwick Marshall:

"Karangahake Mt, Mangakino Pack Track to Mt Te Aroha, Tui Mine. Last part of walk from Daly's Clearing to Tui Mine is extremely dangerous - track washouts, markers missing. Good for using compass and map."

2nd: Rob Franklin - Lake Waikareiti:

"This walk has it all. The lake is situated near the better known Waikaremoana (also a fantastic walk) the adventure gives walkers many options from  2 hrs to 3 days of walking and or boating. High in Te Urewera National Park the breath-taking scenery is completely unique. The lush North Island rainforest overlaps almost every inch of shoreline, with the one exception being a perfect, white, sandy beach spread beneath the sandy bay hut.

Exploring the lake and its many islands by foot or rowboat has never failed to impress us, with easy fishing and amazing water clarity. Anyone visiting Waikareiti ('little rippling water') can not help but feel they are small, clumsy people out-of-place, in nature's peaceful domain."

3rd: Ally Weir:

"A wide mown historical track known as the military track runs between the Botanical Gardens and the old Napier cemetery. During the occupation of the 65th Regiment in 1858, a temporary camp was established until barracks were built to the north of the Botanical Gardens. Water and other supplies were hauled up to the barracks via the military track. The track begins at the junction of Chaucer Road South and Spencer Road and is not as steep as either of the road routes. Regimental laundry and other washing were done in this vicinity and the spot was dubbed 'Soapsuds Gully'. The track remains a great inner-city leg stretch."

4th equal: an unknown texter:

"having walked many tracks around the world my favorite walk is the old telegraph route to puysegur point through the magnificent waitutu forest"

4th equal: Bob Renshaw:

"I look back on my own childhood. Dad would take his four sons to walk along the river in Upper Hutt and climb up Canon's Point. It was those walks that interested me in the bush. My own family moved to Wairoa, and it was as a result of those early walks that I passed on my own appreciation of New Zealand's natural beauty to my own children as we walked around Lake Waikeremoana. Next month my sons are going back to the lake.  I envy them, as I know I cannot now keep up with them."

09:45 Aspiring Olympians - Nick Willis

Runner Nick Willis already has an Olympic silver medal, but is hoping for gold in London later this year.

09:55 Are We There Yet? - Kapiti Island, warriors, whales and wildlife

Our road trip around New Zealand with Roadside Stories from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage.

Once a base for the famous chief Te Rauparaha and the Ngāti Toa tribe, with up to 3,000 occupants, Kapiti Island is now a wildlife sanctuary, where the eradication of pests has allowed kiwi, takahē, kōkako and other rare birds to flourish.

10:05 In Conversation

Chatting to New Zealanders, many of them young people who'll be the political, creative and community leaders of the future; and with other Kiwis who are doing outstanding work in their fields here and overseas.

10:30 Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke: Pie Cart Rock 'n' Roll (Part 1)

The story of the arrival of rock 'n' roll in New Zealand. Originally broadcast on Radio New Zealand Concert.

10:55 Are We There Yet? - Lake Papaitonga

Lake Papaitonga's peaceful bush-clad setting belies its bloody past.

hitchhikers11:05 Summer Reading - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Ferg from Geraldine recommends Douglas Adams's trilogy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

We invite you to share with the country your most loved and thumbed book. Contact us on kiwisummer@radionz.co.nz


karen healy11:10 Spin Cycle - Karen Healey

We’ve got our capes on, and our super powers at the ready when young-adult novelist Karen Healey (right) takes us for a ride around the big boom bam world of female comic heroes. 

Mark Derby11:30 Try Something New - Learning a new language

Mark Derby (left) on the joy of learning new languages.


11:55 Are We There Yet? - Foxton and flax

The sleepy town of Foxton was once home to a thriving flax-milling industry.