09:10 News and current affairs

09:30 On the Radar

Danyl McLauchlan writes at The Dim-Post.

09:40 Daily competition

09:45 Aspiring Olympians - Phillip Xiao

Phillip Xiao is training in China in pursuit of his table tennis dream.

09:55 Are We There Yet? - Mōkau, whitebait capital

Our road trip around New Zealand with Roadside Stories from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage.

The Mōkau River is famed as a source of whitebait -- the juvenile forms of native freshwater fish, often made into delicious fritters.

10:05 In Conversation

Chatting to New Zealanders, many of them young people who'll be the political, creative and community leaders of the future; and with other Kiwis who are doing outstanding work in their fields here and overseas.

10:30 Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke: Where the Kiwi Rhythm Calls

Original New Zealand songwriting in the late 1950s and early 1960s, in our history of NZ pop music.

10:55 Are We There Yet? - Te Kuiti, shearing capital

Te Kūiti hosts a yearly carnival, including a 'running of the sheep' down the main street, and a shearing competition where champion shearers are put through their paces.

11:05 Summer Reading

Chris Hedges book Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle is a favourite of listener Steve Raycheff.

Bianca Andrew11:10 Spin Cycle - Bianca Andrew

Sonia Sly’s interviews on arts and culture - where almost everything comes out in the wash. Bianca Andrew (right) is a rising star in New Zealand Opera - she wins us over with grace, charm and a voice to boot! 

11:30 Try Something New

Lynn joins a night class for would-be outdoor adventurers organised through Wellington High School's Community Education Centre.

11:55 Are We There Yet? - Ōtorohanga, kiwi town

Kiwi are prominent in Ōtorohanga, with three species on display at the kiwi house, and 'kiwiana' icons decorating the town.