09:10 News and current affairs

09:30 On the Radar

Steven Price, a barrister specialising in media law who blogs at Media Law Journal.

09:45 Aspiring Olympians

New Zealand's top-ranked swimmer, Glenn Snyders.

09:55 Are We There Yet? - Geothermal power at Wairākei

Our road trip around New Zealand with Roadside Stories from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage.

When completed in 1963, Wairākei was one of just two geothermal power stations in the world.

10:05 In Conversation - John Mackintosh

It's just over a decade since farmer John Mackintosh stumbled across the endangered kōkako on his farm. Now thanks to his hard work there are more than 20 pairs of the native bird on his sheep, cattle and forestry farm.

The Kaharoa Kokako Trust along with DOC have also done some great work over the last 15 years protecting and growing the Kokako population. The trustm in partnership with Kaharoa School (funded by Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust), has set up a permanent display for visitors to enjoy.

10:30 Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke

Chris Bourke enters the world of musical comedy and cabaret that New Zealand nightclubs offered in the early 1960s.

10:55 Are We There Yet? - Hatupatu's Rock

A distinctive rock by the side of State Highway One is significant to Māori for its role in the story of Hatupatu.

11:05 Summer Reading

Dr Rochelle Wilson's best loved book is The Descent of Woman by Elaine Morgan.

11:10 Spin Cycle

Fashion illustrator and photographer Kelly Thompson chats about life in the fashion fast lane, Melbourne and collaborative projects.

Kelly Thompson

11:30 Try Something New

Lynn joins in rehearsals for a repertory play.

Gallery: Wellington Repertory Theatre's production of Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd Sisters

11:55 Are We There Yet? - Tokoroa timber town

From the 1940s Tokoroa town was developed in a forestry area to house workers constructing -- and then operating -- the nearby Kinleith pulp and paper mill.