26 Oct 2015

Naomi Arnold's Good Reads

From Labour Day, 9:25 am on 26 October 2015

Naomi Arnold is a Nelson-based freelance writer. At Featured.org.nz she collates outstanding feature articles from New Zealand and around the world and sends them out in a handy weekly email. We asked her to pick her favourite long reads for a long weekend by local journalists.

Naomi Arnold

Naomi Arnold Photo: supplied

Here are Naomi’s picks:   

Charlie Anderson, Lost in the long white cloud: the first true New Zealand feature in to fully use a multi-media format and which could reasonably be called a 'digital longform piece'.

Duncan Greive: Lorde, for Metro. This was such a great get. As well as the writing and the getting of it, he also sold it to Faster/Louder, an Australian publication which produced a great digital rendering of it.

Alistair Bone: Turangi tourist attack, Cracking it on welfare in HuntlyStorm Clouds over Kawhia. Alistair was the Waikato Times’ 'colour writer'. He has reported stories with flair where others would have done a boring old report. 

Steve Braunias: Impossible to choose one. The Killings at Stilwell RdOn my Way to the Border, Trouble in Mosgiel are just some of my favourites. He really is a godfather of good feature writing in New Zealand. 

Beck Eleven: A life in beds, An unfortunate Chch son, the insidious creep of abuse. Beck has such a knack for spotting the humanity in people. 

Anna Pearson is a former Press reporter who is freelancing now. As well as being a good feature writer she takes her own award-winning photographs and creates her own multimedia pieces - including a cooperative effort on a West Coast skateboarderan audio slideshow for the BBC about a photographer and a plain old audio piece too for Monocle.