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A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

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Late Edition for 8 October 2015

10:17 PM. The body of Alex Fisher has been found and a homicide investigation launched. Julian Assange in his only New Zealand interview with Lyn Freeman and in dateline pacific a call for a shift in priority for Pacific climate financing.

Late Edition for 7 October 2015

10:15 PM. The Prime Minister's secret visit to NZ troops in Iraq and equal pay goes backwards with the gap widening.

Late Edition for 6 October 2015

10:15 PM. New suicide figures show the highest number since records began eight years ago... An ambitious plan to make Stewart Island into the World's biggest wildife sanctury... and in dateline pacific.... Fij introduces compulsory scouting

Late Edition for 5 October 2015

10:15 PM. Another long night for negotiators at the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks in Atlanta, Tourism New Zealand pulls its video of a campervan on the wrong side of the road, what will our future be like 25 years from now and in Dateline Pacific, climate change migration is referred to as cultural genocide.

Late Edition for 2 October 2015

10:17 PM. A young New Zealand basketballer caught up in the latest mass shooting in the U.S. What it takes to be a tree climbing champion and Kiribati is to hold talks with other atoll states about climate change migrants.

Late Edition for Thursday 1 October 2015

10:15 PM. Kuia for Chris Brown, hot housing-the warming of the global property market and in Dateline Pacific, Cook Islanders refuse to pay tax on their New Zealand pensions.

Late Edition for Wednesday 30 September 2015

10:15 PM. New Zealand play's the Anzac card over Australia's new strategy to deport kiwis sent to jail, should universities publish how much money their graduatesare earning? and in Dateline Pacific, China invests in Fiji real estate.

Late Edition for 29 September 2015

10:17 PM. Why some campaigners against domestic violence want a pop singer who beat his partner to perform here. Plans for an ocean sanctuary around the Kermadec islands. Water flows on Mars, and in Dateline Pacific Kiribati gardeners adapt to a changing climate.

Late Edition for 28 September 2015

10:17 PM. More about Australia's Indian ocean solution for New Zealanders. How a south island meat company plans to sell its merger with a Chinese company to farmers. The government looks at encouring women on welfare to take the pill and in dateline pacific the UN's devlopment goals for the islands.

Late Edition for 25 September 2015

10:15 PM. Two tourists die on Lake Tekepo; Hundreds of Muslim pilgrams die in a stampede in Saudi Arabia; Australia sends more kiwis to Christmas Island; and in Dateline Pacific questions over food and fish supply.

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