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A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

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  • Late Edition for 1 April 2015 ( 42′ 41″ )

    22:15 Super typhoon Maysak is continuing to cut a destructive path through the Federated States of Micronesia, PNG seeks to capitalise on LNG stage, the people of Vanuatu are rebuilding their houses and the Red Cross is there to help and in Dateline Pacific, Solomon Islands timber exporters in New Zealand to promote more sales of sawn timber.

  • Late Edition for 31 March 2015 ( 42′ 57″ )

    22:15 No retrial for Teina Pora; buying puppies online - not as cute as you might have thought; and in Dateline Pacific Fiji's plans for a new flag.

  • Late Edition for 30 March 2015 ( 43′ 04″ )

    22:15 The Northland By-election result forces National to re-think its changes to the Resource Management Act; Cricket - where it went wrong for New Zealand and where it went right for Australia; and in Dateline Pacific Tuvalu is still reeling from cyclone Pam.

  • Late Edition for 27 March 2015 ( 41′ 53″ )

    22:17 Police search Golden Bay houses in relation to the recent 1080 blackmail; Wanaka joins the space race. In Dateline Pacific, getting aid to the right places in post-Pam Vanuatu.

  • Late Edition for 26 March 2015 ( 43′ 02″ )

    22:17 John Key goes to Dargaville; the BBC sacks Jeremy Clarkson as host of Top Gear and sschools plan to reopen in Vanuatu on Monday.

  • Late Edition for 25 March 2015 ( 43′ 07″ )

    22:17 150 die when a German airliner crashes in the French Alps; the N.Z. cricket team prepares for the world cup final and Kiribati continues to count the cost of the waves and tides generated by Cyclone Pam.

  • Late Edition for Tuesday 24 March 2015 ( 38′ 23″ )

    22:15 Labour sends a nudge and a wink in Winston Peters direction and in Dateline Pacific, more aid on the way to vanuatu.

  • Late Edition for 23 March 2015 ( 49′ 15″ )

    22:17 The Salvation Army says no to state houses;why there are more students in prison. In Dateline Pacific, what Solomon Islands make of allegations of kiwi spying.

  • Late Edition for Friday 20 March 2015 ( 42′ 25″ )

    22:15 Winston Peters appears to strike it lucky with his Northland byelection campaign, waiting for total eclipse of the sun and in Dateline Pacific, more on Vanuatu post Pam.

  • Late Edition for Thursday 19 March 2015 ( 43′ 16″ )

    22:15 First the air force, now the navy joins the Vanuatu aid effort, what Shane Jones does now he's not working for the Labour Party and in Dateline Pacific, the elephant in the room in Nuie