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A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

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  • Late Edition for 3 March 2015 ( 43′ 22″ )

    22:17 John Key speaks out about vigilantes on our highways; setting up a new seedbank in Aotearoa and the possibility of a new nation in Micronesia.

  • Late Edition for 2 March 2015 ( 43′ 06″ )

    22:17 Reaction to Winston Peters running in the Northland by-election; the real cost of fundraising and coastal flooding hits Kiritbati.

  • Late Edition for 27 February 2015 ( 42′ 07″ )

    22:17 The suspense is over - Winston is running after all; Jihadi John has been identified and Papua New Guinea revises its child protection laws.

  • Late Edition for 26 February 2015 ( 43′ 40″ )

    22:17 Dean Barker has gone from Team New Zealand and we hear from Grant Dalton; accidents caused by overseas drivers and a Samoan exporter argues for the governments proposed citizenship bill.

  • Late Edition for 25 February 2015 ( 40′ 31″ )

    22:15 A former US marine who worked at Iraq's Taji Base outlines New Zealand soldiers can expect and taking the keys off dangerous foreign drivers.

  • Late Edition for 24 February 2015 ( 42′ 09″ )

    22:15 An Iraqi New Zealander says the Government's made a bad call sending troops to his homeland; there is a correlation between road crashes and overseas drivers; and in Dateline Pacific, satellite tracking is to be used to help Polynesian countries track illegal fishing boats.

  • Late Edition for Monday 23 Feburary 2015 ( 42′ 01″ )

    22:15 The Government is urged to step in and fast track the funding of a new generation of immunotherapy cancer drugs, public health watchdog speaks out about an overdose of codine given to a child and in Dateline Pacific, two pacific nations bucking the trend when it comes to media freedom.

  • Late Edition for Friday 20 Feburary 2015 ( 45′ 41″ )

    22:15 Former Justice minister Judith Collins defends her role in the David Bain compensation decision - or lack of one, handcrafted poppies for the war memorial museum and in dateline Pacific, Tonga hopes for a resumption of aid from New Zealand.

  • Late Edition for Thursday 19 Feburary 2015 ( 43′ 43″ )

    22:15 Chris Dixon on Dean Barker, Kathy Gannon on reporting from a war zone and in Dateline Pacific, is Fijian politics entering a new more democratic era ?

  • Late Edition for 18 February 2015 ( 43′ 35″ )

    22:15 A fall in NZ child mortality, replacing knighthoods with matehoods, and in Dateline Pacific, bringing more technology to Pacific island courts.