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A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

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  • Late Edition for 23 April 2014 ( 43′ 38″ )

    22:15 Shane Jones explains why he's leaving politics; fewer New Zealanders are crossing the ditch; and in Dateline Pacific, an insiders view of the Australia asylum seekers camp in Papua New Guinea.

  • Late Edition for 22 April 2014 ( 42′ 56″ )

    22:15 Unions take two forestry companies to court for work safety; buller recovers from the storm; and in Dateline Pacific the chances of free and fair elections in Fiji.

  • Late Edition for Thursday 17 April 2014 ( 43′ 18″ )

    22:15 Speculation about what this country's government knew about the killing of a New Zealand born alleged terrorist in the Middle East, why one of this country's oldest Rugby League Clubs has imposed a booze ban and in Dateline Pacific, dengue fever is spreading among asylum seekers in Nauru.

  • Late Edition for 15 April 2014 ( 43′ 4″ )

    22:15 How much would you pay to meet John Key? sweet harmonies from the Bay of Islands and in Dateline Pacific, Solomon Island survivors tell their stories after the floods.

  • Late Edition for Wednesday 16 April 2014. ( 42′ 53″ )

    22:15 Fracking to slow global warming, mail deliveries may go sooner than later and in Dateline Pacific, China will build Tonga's new palace.

  • Late Edition for 14 April 2014 ( 43′ 17″ )

    22:15 Is the Mana Party big enough for Sue Bradford and Kim Dotcom, the cleanliness of our air, and in Dateline Pacific, the Solomon Islands are hit by an earthquake.

  • Late Edition for 11 April 2014 ( 43′ 10″ )

    22:16 The storm that devasted solomon islands and parts of papua new guinea heads for Australia, the royals hit the water and in dateline Pacific nuie prepares for elections.

  • Late Edition for 10 April 2014 ( 44′ 20″ )

    10:17 Has New Zealand wasted millions of dollars on anti-flu drugs? Six major American film studios file fresh copyright charges against Kim Dotcom and in dateline Pacific relief efforts continue in Solomon Islands.

  • Late Edition for 9 April 2014 ( 44′ 30″ )

    22:17 No reprieve for Phillipstown School in Christchurch; putting violins to the test. In Dateline Pacific the cleanup continues in Solomon Islands.

  • Late Edition for Tuesday 8 April 2014 ( 42′ 33″ )

    22:15 An increase in sexual assult cases put support services under pressure, the united caucus of United Future and in Dateline Pacific, ten thousand refugees from Solomon Islands flood.