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A review of the leading news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

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Late Edition for 26 May 2016

10:17 PM.Tourism pressures on small town NZ. The remote island that captured the design world and in Dateline Pacific, why Tongans still look to their overseas relations for help.

Late Edition for 25 May 2016

10:15 PM.Patients with advanced melanoma push for temporary access to Opdivo; A catholic school's ball dress code; Five winters in Antarctica. In Dateline Pacific, why the World Bank is worried about island tourism.

Late Edition for 24 May 2016

10:17 PM.The human cost of the commercialisation of Mt Everest; Why you should rejoice when your child lies. In Dateline Pacific, 400 years since Europeans met Tongans.

Late Edition for 23 May 2016

10:15 PM.Community newspapers buck the trend away from print media, the Panel assesses the plight of the kiwi middle classes and in Dateline Pacific, why America Samoa's morgue is overflowing

Late Edition for Friday 20 May 2016

10:15 PM.Overfished - overhere - seafood in New Zealand. What a city in Colorado says about the future of Queenstown; and in Dateline Pacific, what the speaker of Fiji's parliament said about domestic violence.

Late Edition for Thursday 19 May 2016

10:15 PM.Pilot says Lake Pukaki foreshore is being seriously damaged by tourists; we take a dumpster dive into the world of waste cooking;and in Dateline Pacific, Samoa warned about 'dangerous' constitution change

Late Edition for Wednesday 18 May 2016

10:15 PM.A new doping crackdown refocuses the spotlight on Russian athletes. Will ten dollar tickets lure people back to movie theatres? TED head Chris Anderson on how to handle fear of public speaking. In Dateline Pacific; a Christian leader in Samoa calls for a ban on Islam in the country.

Late Edition for 17 May 2016

10:20 PM.The dangers of space junk, the fracker who's now trying to save rhinos, and in Dateline Pacific, armed police quell protests in Papua New Guinea.

Late Edition for 16 May 2016

10:15 PM.A woman on the board of New Zealand rugby, goats cheese in Kaikoura and in Dateline Pacific, what's in a name when it comes to island sport?

Late Edition for 13 May 2016

10:17 PM.In the programme; has the property boom reached Kawerau, George Henare heads west, and in Dateline Pacific who polices the PNG fraud squad?

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