Matinee Idle

Monday 8 February 2016, with Simon Morris & Phil O'Brien

Jean Jacques Burnel

3:05 PM. Punk pioneers The Stranglers have been going for 40 years. 40 years since they started in the sleepy Surrey town of Guildford. Simon Morris talks to fellow bass-player and Royal Guildford Grammar Old Boy, Jean-Jacques Burnel.

Nicole Atkins

2:15 PM. Phil O'Brien's been a fan of American singer Nicole Atkins for… well, forever. He particularly loves her work with Postmodern Jukebox. Here, he chats with Nicole live on the line from Nashville Tennessee.

Walking In Guildford

1:30 PM. Simon grew up in Guildford, the least rock'n'roll town in the world. Or is it? There's the Stranglers, and Camel, and, um, DJ Tony Blackburn, "journalist" Piers Morgan, Terry Jones from the Pythons - not to mention P G Wodehouse. Maybe it's time to revisit the old town…

Matinee Idle Playlist - 08/02/2016

12 - 1pm

Artist: The SG Sound
Title: Jumping the Shark
Composer: The SG Sound
Album: Planet Twist
Label: The SG Sound

Artist: Underworld
Title: Underneath the Radar
Composer: Hyde, Smith, Thomas
Album: Underneath the Radar
Label: Sire

Artist: Peter Frampton
Title: I'm In You
Composer: Peter Frampton
Album: I'm In You
Label: A&M

Artist: The Stranglers
Title: Skin Deep
Composer: The Stranglers
Album: Greatest Hits 1977-1990
Label: Epic

Artist: Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
Title: Bryant's Shuffle
Composer: Jimmy Bryant
Album: Bustin' Through: Flippin' the Lid
Label: Bear Family

Artist: Bob Dylan
Title: Here Comes Santa Claus
Composer: Autry, Halderman
Album: Christmas in the Heart
Label: Columbia

Artist: Nick Lowe
Title: Cruel to be Kind
Composer: Nick Lowe
Album: (Single)
Label: Columbia

Artist: Terry Jones
Title: Here Comes Another One
Composer: Terry Jones
Album: Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
Label: Arista

Artist: Elton John
Title: Better Off Dead
Composer: John, Taupin
Album: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
Label: MCA

Artist: V V Brown
Title: Shark in the Water
Composer: Mack, Tysper
Album: Travelling in the Light
Label: Island

1 - 2pm

Artist: Phoebe Snow
Title: At Last
Composer: Gordon, Warren
Album: NY Rock & Soul Revue
Label: Giant

Artist: John Lennon
Title: Woman is the Nigger of the World
Composer: John Lennon
Album: Some Time in New York City
Label: Apple

Artist: The Nylons
Title: Eli's Coming
Composer: Laura Nyro
Album: 4 on the Floor

Artist: Simon Morris
Title: Walking in Guildford
Composer: Cohn, Morris
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

Artist: Feargal Sharkey
Title: A Good Heart
Composer: Maria McKee
Album: Feargal Sharkey
Label: A&M

Artist: Kid Creole
Title: Dear Addy
Composer: August Darnell
Album: Frewsh Fruit in Foreign Places
Label: ZE

Artist: Conway Twitty
Title: It's Only Make Believe
Composer: Conway Twitty
Album: We Only Make Believe
Label: Decca

Artist: Broadway & Jonny Craig
Title: Don't Jump the Shark Before You Save the Whale
Composer: Broadway
Album: Kingdoms
Label: Uprising

Artist: Henry Phillips
Title: Guitar Pill
Composer: Henry Phillips
Album: Number 2
Label: Oglio

2 - 3pm

Artist: Mink DeVille
Title: Guardian Angel
Composer: Willy DeVille
Album: Return to Magenta
Label: Capitol

Artist: Pat Benatar
Title: Love is a Battlefield
Composer: Chapman, Knight
Album: Somebody's Baby
Label: Chrysalis

Artist: Nicole Atkins
Title: Maybe Tonight
Composer: Nicole Atkins
Album: Neptune City
Label: Columbia

Artist: Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox ft. Nicole Atkins
Title: Heroes
Composer: David Bowie
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Title: Start Me Up
Composer: Jagger, Richards
Album: Tattoo You
Label: Rolling Stones

Artist: The Turtles
Title: The Guide for the Married Man
Composer: Williams, Bricusse
Album: Happy Together
Label: White Whale

Artist: Holidaymakers
Title: Sensible Shoes
Composer: John McDougal
Album: We Could Be Sweet Lovers (single)
Label: Pagan

Artist: JD McPherson
Title: Let the Good Times Roll
Composer: JD McPherson
Album: Let the Good Times Roll
Label: Rounder

Artist: Love
Title: Live and Let Live
Composer: Arthur Lee
Album: Forever Changes
Label: Elektra, Rhino

Artist: Oasis
Title: Cum On Feel the Noize
Composer: Holder, Lea
Album: Don't Look Back in Anger (single)
Label: Creation

3 - 4pm

(3pm Feature - Jean Jacques Burnel Interview)

Artist: The Stranglers
Title: No More Heroes
Composer: The Stranglers
Album: No More Heroes
Label: A&M

Artist: Rod Stewart
Title: Standing in the Shadows of Love
Composer: Holland-Dozier-Holland
Album: Blondes Have More Fun
Label: Riva

Artist: Beirut
Title: Nantes
Composer: Zach Condon
Album: The Flying Club Cup
Label: 4ad

Artist: Outrage
Title: The Letter
Composer: Wayne Carson Thompson
Album: The Letter / The Way I See It (single)
Title: Kama Sutra

Artist: Michael Jackson
Title: Speed Demon
Composer: Michael Jackson
Album: Bad
Title: Epic

Artist: Harry Nilsson
Title: Mr. Tinker
Composer: Harry Nilsson
Album: Aerial Ballet
Title: RCA

Artist: Eden Mulholland
Title: Four to the Floor
Composer: Eden Mulholland
Album: Hunted Haunted
Label: Warner

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Title: Sleep Like a Shark
Composer: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Album: II
Label: Jagjaguwar

Artist: Robyn Hitchcock
Title: No, I Don't Remember Guildford
Composer: Robyn Hitchcock
Album: Storefront Hitchcock
Label: Rhino

4 - 5pm

Artist: Leon Russell
Title: In the Jailhouse Now
Composer: Rogers, McWilliams
Album: Hank Wilson's Back
Label: Shelter

Artist: 10CC
Title: Baron Samedi
Composer: Stewart, Gouldman
Album: Sheet Music
Label: Cherry Red

Artist: Baxter Dury
Title: Palm Trees
Composer: Baxter Dury
Album: It's a Pleasure
Label: [Pias] Le Label

Artist: Joanna Newsom
Title: The Book of Right-On
Composer: Joanna Newsom
Album: The Milk-Eyed Mender
Label: Drag City

Artist: Camel
Title: Stationary Traveller
Composer: Latimer, Hoover
Album: Lunar Sea - An Anthology 1973-1985
Label: Decca

Artist: The Blind Boys of Alabama
Title: Higher Ground
Composer: Stevie Wonder
Album: Higher Ground
Label: Real World

Artist: Dwight Twilley Band
Title: Shark in the Dark
Composer: Dwight Twilley
Album: Sincerely/Twilley Don't Mind
Label: Raven

Artist: Merle Travis
Title: Merle's Boogie Woogie
Composer: Merle Travis
Album: Guitar Rags & A Too Fast Past
Label: Bear Family

Artist: The Blue Nile
Title: Stay
Composer: Buchanan, Bell
Album: A Walk Across the Rooftops
Label: Linn, A&M

Artist: Kyu Sakamoto & Yukiko Maisaka
Title: Sukiyaki
Composer: Ei, Nakamura
Album: (Single)
Label: East Quest