4 Sep 2016

FFS! How the media handle rude words

From Mediawatch, 9:11 am on 4 September 2016
Cast of The Real Housewives of Auckland

Cast of The Real Housewives of Auckland Photo: Supplied

The mainstream media have had a few calls to make lately on swear words.

Broadcaster Martin Devlin’s sweary rant on Radio Sport made the papers last week, as did the ‘longest bleep in history’ on The Real Housewives of Auckland.

But why do media companies regularly use full stops, dashes or bleeps when reporting the use of swear words?

If the words are deemed too offensive to print or broadcast, surely it would be better to disguise them in a way that the readers or listeners really don’t know what’s being said?

WARNING: This audio contains some words you're not normally exposed to by RNZ - which you may find offensive.