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All the news that's fit to print - twice

9:08 AM.Conscientious readers should recycle their old newspapers, but the papers shouldn’t be be recycling their old stories.  

Mediawatch for 8 May 2016

9:08 AM.A turbulent week at troubled MediaWorks; companies keeping their enemies close, and; recycling newspaper stories.

Newsreader leaves job, stuns media

Hilary Barry's decision to quit Mediaworks and TV3 has made headlines - lots of them. It was unexpected news about a much admired broadcaster, but is it a big deal?

Locked out of lock-ups

9:10 AM.Business reporters no longer get a heads-up on interest rate announcements from the Reserve Bank because one reporter broke the rules. How is it affecting the media?  

Changing the journalism of climate change

9:09 AM.Claims that the government "cheated" on carbon emissions made headlines recently, but those in the know said this was actually old news. An international expert in climate change journalism tells Mediawatch it's a sign that reporting the issue needs to change.

Mixed messages and home truths on housing

9:08 AM.Alarming accounts of Auckland's overheating housing market lately - and the winners and losers - have jarred with articles about those making big money.

Mediawatch for 1 May 2016

9:08 AM.Journalists locked out of lockups; a call for change in coverage of climate change, and; mixed messages and home truths on money and housing.

Eating TVs lunch?

9:11 AM.The biggest name in newspapers and online news is now doing twice-daily TV-style news bulletins. The Herald says the 6pm TV news is in decline while online news video is on the rise. So are they eating TV's lunch? Or just nibbling at its morning and afternoon tea?

Natural history out of the vaults and onto the net

9:10 AM.A local magazine and a TV production company have teamed up to take natural history content out of the vaults and onto the net. But will people pay to see it?

Media punch below their weight on Helen4SG

9:08 AM.Our media don't usually get in behind a politician angling for a top job, but there's been plenty of cheerleading lately for Helen Clark's campaign to be the UN secretary general.

Mediawatch for 24 April 2016

9:06 AM.Is The Herald eating TV's lunch?; natural history out of the vaults and onto the net; media punching below their weight on 'Helen4SG' 

Alms race

9:11 AM.The national media usually have little interest in local election issues, but it was a different story with banning beggars from big city streets recently. Mediawatch looks at how it hit the headlines - and why Donald Trump might be one reason for that.

More awkward questions - and the future of big leaks

9:10 AM.Stories sparked by the Panama Papers keep on coming. Will they encourage more leaks? Or are people with things to hide now wise to the risks?

Mediawatch for 17 April 2016

9:10 AM.Local bids to ban begging make national news; more awkward questions about The Panama Papers - and the future of big leaks; a celebrity sex scandal overseas sparks a legal and ethical quandary here.

A celebrity sex scoop - and a legal ethical quandary

9:08 AM.When a court injunction prevented English and Welsh media from publishing a celebrity sex story, it didn't stop media in some other countries naming names. New Zealand outlets were left wondering whether they could - or should - follow suit.


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