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  • Mediawatch for 14 December 2014 ( 30′ 30″ )

    Why some scientists fear speaking out in the media; scandal-tainted politicians in the papers last weekend; alone at the microphone with moody musicians.

  • Mediawatch Extra December 2014 ( 46′ 09″ )

    The online-only companion to Mediawatch devoted to your queries and comments. This month: the return of Dirty Politics - and an Aussie view of the scandal; pundits aplenty on everything under the sun; grannies and granddads in the news; right and left labels; munted punters at the races; reaction to Maori TV's boss on Mediawatch; spoiling the spoilers; a fossilized dung query

  • Mediawatch for 7 December 2014 ( 30′ 33″ )

    What counts as news these days - and what's an ad; sponsored content sprouting online; the pros and cons of ultra-fast broadband, and; the danger of going down in history as heartless.

  • Mediawatch for 30 November 2014 ( 30′ 25″ )

    Has exposure defeated evasion, or has spin triumphed sunshine after two inquiries prompted by 'Dirty Politics'?; how the media seize on the age of people in their stories; a marathon media mishap.

  • Mediawatch for 23 November 2014 ( 30′ 34″ )

    A lack of facts in the scandal over sexism at CERA; scientist caught in a sexism 'shirtstorm'; the political song that was scuppered before the election; revealing research about the nation's advertising executives.

  • Mediawatch for 16 November 2014 ( 30′ 00″ )

    Media make a meal of munted punters at the races; reaction to new restrictions aimed at curbing IS extremism in New Zealand; Maori TV's chief executive on where he's taking the channel in its second decade on air; politicians and reporters' cosy relationships.

  • Mediawatch for 9 November 2014 ( 30′ 00″ )

    A conversation that wound up climate change campaigners and skeptics - and other contrary climate claims in the media; the complex deals done to get local shows on commercial TV; one man's mission to revive a long-lost quiz.

  • Mediawatch for 2 November 2014 ( 30′ 30″ )

    TVNZ farming out the making of its Maori programmes after more than 30 years making and screening them; NZME's Jane Hastings on the transformation of news and radio - and when we might have to pay for it; Press Council fees for digital media; a story of dodgy delivery.

  • Mediawatch for 26 October 2014 ( 30′ 36″ )

    Panic over property prices and rising rates in Auckland; political ploys with the Official Information Act - and what a review of compliance might uncover; changes at NZ's biggest radio and newspaper company NZME.

  • Mediawatch for 19 October 2014 ( 30′ 25″ )

    The ISIS crisis and tightening of anti-terrorism laws; PR people review their reputation and a mysterious new media name.

  • Mediawatch for 12 October 2014 ( 30′ 26″ )

    Auckland's electricity outage sparks strange responses; journalists and authors striving to keep their sources secret; new Australian anti-terror law worries the media; no such thing as a free lunch?

  • Mediawatch for 5 October 2014 ( 30′ 23″ )

    Turning Labour's leadership crisis into a drama; trust ownership for the media - and the launch of NZME; the 'Planet Key' problem - and new legal backup for satire and parody in the UK.

  • Mediawatch for 28 September 2014 ( 32′ 55″ )

    Australian anti-terror raids; bloodthirsty coverage of the Labour leadership; the Fijian election and media freedom, and; Glenn Greenwald and his billionaire backer.

  • Mediawatch for 21 September 2014 - Election Special ( 40′ 32″ )

    Mediawatch looks at the media on election night with Wallace Chapman - and the coverage of the extraordinary election campaign. Also: how an award winning American reporter and a world-famous whistleblower swung the spotlight onto surveillance.

  • Mediawatch live post-election analysis ( 36′ 25″ )

    A live Mediawatch post-election special.