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Media deals to boost China's voice

9:11 AM.Why have supplements endorsed by the Chinese government been appearing in New Zealand and Australian newspapers? And is there cause for concern?

Media merger partners make their case

9:09 AM.New Zealand's two biggest news publishers want to merge and they have submitted their application for the competition watchdog's approval. Mediawatch looks at the case they have put forward. 

Are the media too much in love with themselves?

9:09 AM.Public interest in TV presenters is nothing new, but are the media too interested in what their own personalities are up to these days?

Mediawatch for 5 June 2016

9:06 AM.Checking crucial claims in the housing debate; companies make their case for major media merger; media deals to boost China's voice; TV presenters front and centre in the news.

The papers in your neighbourhood

9:10 AM.Plenty of people read local newspapers and they still make money, but New Zealand's biggest publisher of them is cutting jobs and pushing their news out onto an internet service instead. What's the plan - and can independent local papers survive?

Supplementary reading

9:07 AM.A state-run Chinese newspaper used a daily paper here to put forward its view of significant diplomatic dispute this week. Was it easy to get the other side of the story?  

Mediawatch for 29 May 2016

9:06 AM.The papers in your neighbourhood - local rags in line for a digital shakeup; two ex-editors form a new media business; a Chinese paper placed inside a local one.

Ex-editors team up to provide 'news of importance'

6:14 PM.Two of New Zealand's top news men are going into business together - and aim to provide communications advice and quality journalism at the same time. Mediawatch asks how that's going to work.

Never mind the media - we're spying on ourselves

9:10 AM.The media used to fear a public backlash about privacy would curtail their "right to intrude". Now they reap the benefit of people revealing all on social media.

Regional TV rejigged

9:09 AM.New Zealand's regional TV stations have struggled in recent years, and now backing from the public purse is switching to multimedia projects instead. Where's the money going and what's the plan?

Tragic journalism

9:08 AM.Startling scenes captured on camera can make good clickbait - but bad journalism.

Mediawatch for 22 May 2016

9:06 AM.The news media and privacy in the social media era; regional TV rejigged; tragic journalism.

Media merger will change the news

9:12 AM.If New Zealand's two big news publishers become one, it will inevitably have an impact on the news, and how it's delivered. 

Panama Papers out in the open - and back in the news

9:10 AM.The Panama Papers stormed back into the headlines this week after a team of New Zealand journalists scanned the raw data - and then a summary was published online for the world to see. Mediawatch looks at how the media here responded.

Mediawatch for 15 May 2016

9:10 AM.A media merger to change the landscape - driven from over the ditch; Panama Papers out in the open - and back in the news; controversial column overshadows confronting campaign.

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