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Search ruling claimed as a win for journalists

A judge's ruling that a police search of the home of journalist Nicky Hager was unlawful has been claimed as a victory by journalists. It became a test case for the principle of journalistic privilege, but Nicky Hager himself recently told Mediawatch he wasn't sure precisely what that meant at the time of the raid. 

From Mediawatch on 20 Dec 2015

What's the demand for on-demand video?

Media companies now offer us plenty of online video, both short and long: Netflix, Lightbox, Neon, 3 Now, TVNZ on Demand, WatchMe. But traditional viewing on old fashioned TV sets still makes up the most of our screentime, according to the audience research. Is the demand for on-demand video overstated? 

From Mediawatch on 20 Dec 2015

2015: the Mediawatch mashup

Each week in 2015, Mediawatch looked at media coverage of issues in the news and tried to put them into context for you. For the last piece of our last show of the year, we mash them up without the context instead - and pay tribute to a radio host who survived a talkback shift from hell last Easter.

From Mediawatch on 20 Dec 2015

Mediawatch for 20 December 2015

'Tis the season to be boozy; How Nicky Hager fought the law and won; The demand for on-demand video; 2015 - the Mediawatch mashup.

From Mediawatch on 20 Dec 2015

The price of a life - and modern medicine

The government is under pressure to pay for another costly cancer 'wonder drug'. It's not the first time the media have weighed in on how the nation's pharmaceutical budget should be spent, egged on by vested interests.  


From Mediawatch on 13 Dec 2015

Information watchdog’s probe into political meddling

Journalists have long complained that their Official Information Act requests are deliberately delayed and subject to political interference, but a review of the law - the largest ever - by the official watchdog has found no evidence to back up the claims. But does that mean there is no problem?

From Mediawatch on 13 Dec 2015

Puncturing the news cycle

The brand new Lightpath cycleway in Auckland got glowing coverage in the media - mostly - but a report on one being built in Wellington was all one-way traffic.

From Mediawatch on 13 Dec 2015

Mediawatch for 13 December 2015

Media clamour for new 'wonder drug', the information watchdog's health check on the OIA; contrasting coverage of cycleways

From Mediawatch on 13 Dec 2015

A warning shot for journalists?

The police ruffled feathers in the media by rifling through the home of a TV journalist this week. She had bought a gun to prove a point and break a story. But they say she broke they law and will be treated like anyone else. But is it also a signal to the media? If so, what message are they getting? 

From Mediawatch on 06 Dec 2015

Is current affairs on TV on the way out?

TV3 has confirmed the canning of its weekly current affairs show 3D. It was no surprise as its owner Mediaworks had already said the show didn't pay its way in a tough TV market, even with public funding. State-owned TVNZ has more viewers and more income, but it is also a commercial broadcaster required to turn a profit. Mediawatch asks the news boss at TVNZ if it is still committed to costly current affairs shows - or likely to follow TV3's lead. 

From Mediawatch on 06 Dec 2015

Rushing to judgment - and jokes

Journalists strived to do justice to the Chris Cairns trial in the coverage from London in recent weeks, reporting with great restraint. But some commentators and comedians here at home didn't hold back - even after this week's verdict.  ​

From Mediawatch on 06 Dec 2015

An unfortunate outing of an unusual advert

An unusual new advert featuring talking animals had an unfortunate outing on TV last weekend - hard on the heels of alarming revelations about animal cruelty.

From Mediawatch on 06 Dec 2015

Mediawatch for 6 December 2015

A warning shot for journalists; Chris Cairns caned by commentators and comedians; an unfortunate outing for an unusual advert and are TV current affairs shows an endangered species?

From Mediawatch on 06 Dec 2015

Mediaworks closes TV3 show 3D

TV3’s owner Mediaworks is closing weekly current affairs TV show 3D, which employs the network’s most experienced journalists – but it might have a legal battle on its hands.

From Mediawatch on 01 Dec 2015

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Spelling it out

Yokels Beehive and Sam Lout-Giga never turned up to Jonah Lomu's private memorial last weekend. That's because they only existed in stories about the service printed by large New Zealand publishers. But those are not the only spelling errors appearing in our news in print and online lately. ​

From Mediawatch on 29 Nov 2015

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