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Harvesting the clicks from Paul Henry’s peeking

9:09 AM.Broadcaster Paul Henry was irritated by the media seizing on off-colour on-air comments he'd made this week about his co-host. It wasn't the first time though, and his own show draws attention to them to boost its social media profile. 

Mediawatch for 10 April 2016

9:06 AM.In and out of the loop on The Panama Papers; walking all over rugby; DJs dupe a sports star's mum on the radio; harvesting clicks from Paul Henry's peeking.

Switzerland of the South?

9:11 AM.Mediawatch looks at two startling claims in a newspaper article last weekend about New Zealand's place in the troubled world of today.

Lifting the lid a little on PR's pull on journalism

9:10 AM.What you see in the media is often the result of public relations people and journalists co-operating but you wouldn't usually know it. Mediawatch looks at a recent exception and asks an expert in public relations and journalism where the balance of power now lies.  

Out from under the censors in Myanmar

9:09 AM.What is it like publishing newspapers when military censors call the shots? The editor of The Myanmar Times tells RNZ's Graeme Acton what a difference democracy makes.

Mediawatch for 3 April 2016

9:06 AM.Lifting the lid a little on PR's pull on journalists; out from under censorship in Myanmar; Switzerland of the South?; mixed messages on Boris.

The pitfalls of reporting terrorism

9:12 AM.Is it possible to report shocking attacks like those in Brussels properly without feeding the publicity needs of those who carry them out? How should media handle the output of propaganda from ISIS and its media-savvy allies? Mediawatch talks to a journalist wrestling with these issues.

RNZ sanctioned for anti-social social media messages

9:11 AM.The online news media regulator has ruled RNZ didn’t act quickly enough when unpleasant and extreme comments appeared on Facebook recently. When are the media responsible for bad things other people post on their online pages? 

Don’t feel guilty… but you short-changed readers

9:10 AM.Last weekend's Sunday Star Times had a front page headline to alarm parents of young children: "Don't feel guilty, but childcare endangers kids".  But those who paid to read all about it in the paper got less information than those who read the fuller version online for free.

Mediawatch for 27 March 2016

9:10 AM.The pitfalls of reporting terrorism; sanctions for anti-social social media feedback; short-changed by a short version; investigations follow the money; TVNZ's new channel for blokes.

Investigations follow the money

9:09 AM."Follow the money" is a cliche in journalism, but the principle was at the heart of some recent news investigations having an impact beyond the headlines.

The channel that 'swings the other way'

9:08 AM.Critics and commentators condemned TVNZ’s new “male-skewed” channel Duke long before it started screening this week, even though it most of its content was already on the screen. Mediawatch looks at how TVNZ wound some viewers up by targeting the blokes. 

Willie Jackson, the BSA and the Māori TV no-shows

9:11 AM.Two prominent Maori broadcasters were set to appear on Maori Television's media show this week to discuss a dispute, neither appeared. What happened - and what was the row about in the first place?

An old school paper makes a bold new move

9:10 AM.New Zealand’s biggest locally-owned news publisher is set to make readers pay for its online news. Mediawatch asks the editor of the Otago Daily Times if it will pay off, and what the paying punters will get in return.

Note news is good news?

9:08 AM.The fuss over our 5 dollar note finding favour overseas wasn't quite what it seemed in the media his week. 

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