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Note news is good news?

9:08 AM.The fuss over our 5 dollar note finding favour overseas wasn't quite what it seemed in the media his week. 

Mistaken identities and messed-up memberships

9:07 AM.Mediawatch looks at cases of mistaken identity in two newspapers which caused confusion recently - including one which was close to home.

Mediawatch for 20 March 2016

9:07 AM.Willie Jackson, the BSA and a Maori TV no-show; an old school paper makes a bold new move; note news is good news?; mistaken identities and membership mess-ups.

RNZ's new arrangements for music

9:10 AM.RNZ is rethinking its approach to music, with a multimedia strategy to broaden its reach. Mediawatch asks what this will mean for its audiences, and asks an expert what's working for public broadcasters overseas in the digital age.

Taking care of business (news)

9:08 AM.Business news is still a key part of our newspapers, but the last show dedicated to it on any national broadcaster here was scrapped late last year. As its creator brings it back online, Mediawatch asks him what has happened to the appetite for business on the air. 

Big names - but the wrong names

Being as famous as as possible doesn't necessarily mean the media know your name.

Mediawatch for 13 March 2016

9:06 AM.Change at the top of NZME; RNZ's new music arrangement; taking care of business news - online and on-air; big names, but wrong names.

Hurricane Jane leaves big changes in her wake

12:48 PM.The departing boss of one of New Zealand’s biggest media companies fundamentally changed it over four years in charge. Mediawatch looks at what ‘Hurricane Jane’ leaves in her wake.

Current affairs drifts online - will funding follow?

9:10 AM.Current affairs programmes that once aired on national networks are now reappearing online. Mediawatch asks if this is a trend which could loosen the broadcasters' hold on the bulk of public funding.

Mediawatch for 6 March 2016

9:10 AM.Current affairs drifts online - will funding follow?; charged-up debate over electric cars, and; contrasting coverage of refugee resettlement.

The charged-up debate about electric cars

9:09 AM.Lately we’ve seen TV hosts charging around in super-expensive electric-powered supercars, and we've heard some fully-charged opinions in the media about whether they are the future of motoring. But there have been too few facts about this developing political issue in all the coverage.

Contrasting coverage of refugee resettlement

9:08 AM.Coverage of Syrian refugees getting settled this past week was heartwarming, but it didn't give a full picture.

End of an era for Mediaworks news and the dawn of a new one

9:11 AM.Long-serving news chief Mark Jennings has resigned from Mediaworks, the owner of TV3 and half the country's radio stations. Mediawatch looks at his departure - and the man coming from Australia to replace him.

RNZ challenged on level of Maori content

9:10 AM.Radio New Zealand has responded to criticism of the level of Maori content on RNZ National with a statement outlining the broadcaster’s Maori strategy. Mediawatch looks at the criticism and RNZ's response. 

Mediawatch for 28 February 2016

9:10 AM.End of an era at Mediaworks news; RNZ responds to challenge on its Maori content; how the media have met the challenges of post-quake Christchurch over the past five years.

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