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Singer targets smart young women with new online outlet

Has a sudden a surge of sexism taken our mainstream media back to 1950 again for women? Lizzie Marvelly tells Mediawatch that's one reason why she's launched

From Mediawatch on 31 May 2015

Things better left unsaid - and unwritten

Some cases of people making comments in the media this past week which they later regretted.

From Mediawatch on 31 May 2015

Mediawatch for 31 May 2015

What's driving the latest shake-up at NZ's biggest publisher of news; Campbell Live's demise leaves issues to confront; a sudden surge of sexism sparks a new media outlet for young women, and; things that would have been better left unwritten and unsaid this week.

From Mediawatch on 31 May 2015

Mediawatch for 24 May 2015

Mediaworks news boss on pulling the plug on TV3's Campbell Live - and John Campbell's exit; the focus on the Prince's Harry's female fans - and the flag; regional newspapers missing out on late breaking news, and; publicising snacks and drinks we can't even buy.

From Mediawatch on 24 May 2015

Campbell Live dies, aged 10

Mediaworks pulls the plug on John Campbell's crusading current affairs show. Mediawatch asks the TV3's news chief why, and if serious current affairs coverage can survive

From Mediawatch on 24 May 2015

The media focus on the Prince's female fans

Never mind a new flag or debate about our head of state - the Prince's female fans preoccupied many in our media during the recent royal visit.

From Mediawatch on 24 May 2015

Why regional newspapers might miss more late news

Centralised printing makes it hard to get late breaking into local papers.

From Mediawatch on 24 May 2015

Publicising snacks and drinks that aren't for sale

Why is a leading business weekly publishing stories about novel snacks and drinks that you can't even buy in New Zealand?

From Mediawatch on 24 May 2015

Mediawatch for 17 May 2015

An early morning emergency north of Wellington; streaming services fighting for the market; health researchers slapped down in the media over salt, and; TV-shows accused of faking flatulence.

From Mediawatch on 17 May 2015

Mediawatch for 10 May 2015

Questions raised by recent coverage of the controversial Christian community Gloriavale; Nick Davies - the reporter who lifted the lid on phone-hacking in the UK and the scourge of 'churnalism'.

From Mediawatch on 10 May 2015

Mediawatch for 3 May 2015

The backlash against dissent and disrespect on ANZAC day; the intrusion of TV advertising on a solemn centenary; a retiring Fairfax executive on the future of journalism in the digital age; PR and journalism in 'Ponytailgate'.

From Mediawatch on 03 May 2015

Mediawatch for 26 April 2015

The PM's ponytail pulling saga - and how The Herald's handling of it spawned another story; coverage of the Anzac anniversary - and another centenary the media mostly missed, and; how millions of irreplaceable images from our papers' archives ended up in Arkansas - and in limbo.

From Mediawatch on 26 Apr 2015

Mediawatch for 19 April 2015

Further fallout from the Campbell Live outcry - and anguish over the absence of TV current affairs; media companies becoming promoters as well; Hutt Valley bluesman strikes a blow for freedom of expression; Lorde has a scrap with her sister – but it’s the story that gets beaten up. 

From Mediawatch on 19 Apr 2015

Mediawatch for 12 April 2015

A turbulent week in broadcasting: the much-hyped launch of new Paul Henry news show; reports the end is nigh for John Campbell’s one; and three low key closures.

From Mediawatch on 12 Apr 2015

Mediawatch for 5 April 2015

Inflation of a nation's expectation - then deflation: the media and the World Cup Final; long-serving reporter voices fears about journalism going digital, RWC TV update; seedy pursuit of 'sex romp woman'; a talkback shift from hell.

From Mediawatch on 05 Apr 2015

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