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Mediawatch for 10 August 2014

New boss for a big broadcaster; a celebrity tragedy; two documentaries on climate change that the main media wouldn't make; the plan for a single audiovisual archive.

Mediawatch for 3 August 2014

Coverage of the Gaza crisis stirs strong emotions - and the battle for hearts and minds; an outbreak of ebola alarmism; as publishers ponder making us pay for online news, how much will we part with - and what will we pay for?

Mediawatch for 27 July 2014

Reporting the MH 17 disaster; how the media handle gruesome details and images in an era of instant transmission; should reporters fear surveillance and snooping, and how can they protect themselves and keep sources secret?

Mediawatch for 20 July 2014

World Cup breaks records and startles reporters; Sky TV's boss on past success and future digital challenges; investigators advising our investigative journalists.

Mediawatch for 13 July 2014

The trial of Rolf Harris; how TV handled two victims of alleged sexual assault; the World Cup and the market for TV sports rights; pre-election claims of media bias, a paper changes tack on tax.

Mediawatch for 6 July 2014

The diplomatic immunity drama; changes at RNZ on air and behind the scenes; a confusing picture of peace at Auckland's port; claims of a gag on Teina Pora, and; politicians using bad words.

Mediawatch Extra July 2014

The online-only companion to Mediawatch devoted to your queries and comments. This month: complaints about coverage of Donghua Liu's donations; how a long-haired schoolboy squabble ended up in the news; woman presenters copping unfair flak; a taxpayer funded TV history of sex; mistakes made by mis-hearing reporters.

Mediawatch for 29 June 2014

The PM in the US; overwrought reporting of Labour's 'donation nightmare'; radio kills the video star with a new TV channel; the phone hacking trial in Murdoch's press; some overcooked Sunday paper stories.

Mediawatch for 22 June 2014

The media frenzy around David Cunliffe; the fight for hearts and minds over funding a tilt at the Americas Cup; a magazine poll on trust falls flat and a British invader in Australia's media market.

Mediawatch for 15 June 2014

Media reaction to the downfall of John Banks; public funding for a satirical political party; World Cup scandals create an epic PR disaster; verdicts on Maori TV's mis-spending scoop and how the PM's people gave the media a heads-up by mistake.

Mediawatch for 8 June 2014

A Campbell crusade to take the All Blacks to Samoa; do media campaigns create real pressure or just noise?; a literary mystery and other strange kiwi stories from London; Stephen Hawking's publicity stunt.

Mediawatch for 1 June 2014

An ill-timed airing of earwax on TV; another image that prompted TV3 to say sorry; a dramatised history which might be easy to miss on screen; a startling tax stat challenged; wrong words on the radio.

Mediawatch for 25 May 2014

The match-fixing scandal erupts in the media - and the unmasking of Player X; an award-winning writer brings journalists and newsmakers together; opening up TV archives to give taxpayers a fair suck of the sav.

Mediawatch Extra May 2014

The online-only companion to Mediawatch devoted to your queries and comments. This month: coverage of Kiwis killed overseas; budget coverage gripes; tricky left and right labels; hounding under-fire ministers; synthetic drug stories missing the point; aggressive interviews; climate campaigners ignored; our stuff-ups and spoilers.

Mediawatch for 18 May 2014

Political personalities clashing on camera tops TV news; TVNZ tightens up on reporters' political participation; award-winning Andrea Vance on the threat of surveillance; movie murder for Mum.

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