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  • Mediawatch for 15 June 2014 ( 31′ 19″ )

    Media reaction to the downfall of John Banks; public funding for a satirical political party; World Cup scandals create an epic PR disaster; verdicts on Maori TV's mis-spending scoop and how the PM's people gave the media a heads-up by mistake.

  • Mediawatch for 8 June 2014 ( 30′ 38″ )

    A Campbell crusade to take the All Blacks to Samoa; do media campaigns create real pressure or just noise?; a literary mystery and other strange kiwi stories from London; Stephen Hawking's publicity stunt.

  • Mediawatch for 1 June 2014 ( 30′ 33″ )

    An ill-timed airing of earwax on TV; another image that prompted TV3 to say sorry; a dramatised history which might be easy to miss on screen; a startling tax stat challenged; wrong words on the radio.

  • Mediawatch for 25 May 2014 ( 30′ 28″ )

    The match-fixing scandal erupts in the media - and the unmasking of Player X; an award-winning writer brings journalists and newsmakers together; opening up TV archives to give taxpayers a fair suck of the sav.

  • Mediawatch Extra May 2014 ( 43′ 49″ )

    The online-only companion to Mediawatch devoted to your queries and comments. This month: coverage of Kiwis killed overseas; budget coverage gripes; tricky left and right labels; hounding under-fire ministers; synthetic drug stories missing the point; aggressive interviews; climate campaigners ignored; our stuff-ups and spoilers.

  • Mediawatch for 18 May 2014 ( 30′ 37″ )

    Political personalities clashing on camera tops TV news; TVNZ tightens up on reporters' political participation; award-winning Andrea Vance on the threat of surveillance; movie murder for Mum.

  • Mediawatch for 11 May 2014 ( 30′ 26″ )

    The media response to Judith Collins singling out a reporter; Maurice Williamson's downfall and freedom of information; global exposure for Kim DotCom; radio awards blips, and; Euro expats want Eurovision on screen.

  • Mediawatch for 4 May 2014 ( 30′ 25″ )

    Media getting credit - and the blame - for the demise of legal highs; the wrong Jono; a startling stuff-up in Australia; papers plucking power poles, football players and a prince's peach-fuzz from their pictures; revamping public radio for the digital age in the US; and Australia's human headline comments on justice here.

  • Mediawatch for 27 April 2014 ( 30′ 39″ )

    Media coverage of controversial legal highs: sorting fact from fiction - or dazed and confused?; a political policy on burglary gets stolen; a soiled spoiler and other pitfalls for broadcasters.

  • Mediawatch for 20 April 2014 ( 30′ 31″ )

    More royal visit media frenzy; a new pressure group demanding better broadcasting; why Teina Pora can't talk to the media; Maori TV snubbed - and saying sorry.

  • Mediawatch for 13 April 2014 ( 30′ 43″ )

    Reporting the royal tour; TV channels putting programmes online instead of on the air; popping in on politicians in search of their human side; mixed messages on judging by appearances.

  • Mediawatch Extra April 2014 ( 37′ 09″ )

    The online-only companion to Mediawatch devoted to your queries and comments. This month: political bloggers spoon-feeding the news media; misreporting of political polls; Kim Dotcom's Mein Kampf investment; responses to RNZ changes; online bullying of journalists; scary Mary vs. angry Andy; online bullies; the royal 'we'

  • Mediawatch for 6 April 2014 ( 30′ 33″ )

    Geoff Robinson leaves Morning Report - and the shake-up that created the programme in 1975; April Fool hoaxes, a TV comedy turnaround, new recommendations for reporting suicide; fallout from an upsetting on-air slip.

  • Mediawatch for 30 March 2014 ( 30′ 27″ )

    Mediawatch asks why the pollsters reckon it's time to improve political polls - and the media's reporting of their results. Also: The print media watchdog embraces bloggers; Maori TV picks a controversial new chief; and are sheep-sized rats really on the way?

  • Mediawatch for 23 March 2014 ( 35′ 35″ )

    Coverage of the missing plane mystery; Cyclone Lusi fails to impress the media; a Maori TV scoop revived; what happened when scary Mary met angry Andy; how a beautiful blonde, Armageddon and one misunderstood insult helped hype otherwise unremarkable stories.