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"A bit stink - but just a wobble"

9:12 AM.The media are preparing to mark the fifth anniversary of the earthquake which killed 185 people in Christchurch. But were they ready when the earth shook again on a sunny summer Sunday? 

Roaring success? Or first night flop?

9:11 AM.Contrasting coverage of an outdoor event in Christchurch, organised by an offshoot of the local paper's publisher. 

Is the writing on the wall for our papers?

9:10 AM.Most media bosses still say newspapers won't die during their lifetime, but do recent events mean it is time to reconsider? Mediawatch asks a former editor startled by slow sales at his local dairy just how long they will last here.

Shock of the Nude

9:09 AM.The media seem to like stories about nudists, but are they really newsworthy?

Mediawatch for 21 Feb 2016

9:06 AM.Coverage of Christchurch's quake on a sunny summer Sunday; noodle confusion; shock of the nude; is the writing on the wall for our printed papers?

Tinker, tailor, soldier . . . journalist?

9:11 AM.An article about a local controversy in a local magazine puzzled readers in Nelson recently - until the local paper swiftly solved 'the mystery of the spy's byline'. 


Waitangi coverage – all squeak, no Māori analysis

9:11 AM.Mediawatch speaks to Mana Magazine editor Leonie Hayden and asks whether coverage of last week's Waitangi commemorations were all squeak and no Maori analysis?


Mediawatch for 14 February 2016

9:11 AM.A Tinker, Tailor, Soldier… Journalist saga that has some Nelsonians questioning the ethics of pseudonyms. Kiwi photographer Amos Chapple on drone photography and landing a job at Radio Free Europe; and was the coverage of Waitangi commemorations all squeak and no Maori analysis. Produced and presented by Jeremy Rose and Colin Peacock

Documentary photography - an 'overview'

9:10 AM.Making a living as a photographer is tougher than ever now that more people than can shoot high-quality images. Mediawatch meets Amos Chapple, a New Zealander who has made a name for himself overseas by getting ahead of the technological curve. 

TPP protests in the spotlight

9:11 AM.The protests on the day the TPP was signed in Auckland attracted comprehensive live multi-media coverage, allowing many demonstrators to speak in their own words to the a national audience. But the impact on Auckland traffic seemed to pre-occupy some broadcasters later.

TPP and copyright concerns for the media

9:10 AM.Among the many concerns about the TPP raised this past week was copyright. But while the media focused on the income from Lorde's albums and

Resisting the rising tide of clickbait

9:09 AM.Websites offering popular news for free are pulling in more and more people, and attracting advertising income which once covered the costs of quality journalism. Mediawatch asks a former boss of Rupert Murdoch's UK newspapers if clickbait is here to stay, and if established news media can survive without it.

Milking a story sparked by social media

9:08 AM.One cafe in Canterbury recently spurned trim milk for its coffee, sparking a media frenzy one paper called "the great New Zealand coffee debate". But it was really just another case of harvesting social media for stoires to get people talking and clicking.

Mediawatch for 7 February 2016

9:06 AM.TPP protests in the spotlight; copyright concerns for the media; the rising tide of clickbait; milking a story sparked by social media.

Fronting the phone-hacking fallout

9:10 AM.When the phone-hacking scandal in the UK was at its height three years ago, media mogul Rupert Murdoch put a New Zealander in charge of his newspapers there. Mediawatch asks Mike Darcey how he dealt with the fallout, and if all the anguish, inquiries and trials have actually changed anything.  

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