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9:06 am Sunday 20 April: Mediawatch

Colin Peacock looks at the right royal media frenzy; what prompted Maori TV’s bosses to apologise personally; the launch of a new lobby group that’s demanding better broadcasting; and the possible demise of a groundbreaking magazine.

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  • Mediawatch for 3 March 2013 ( 35′ 23″ )

    Being fast - but wrong; The Hobbit hits the headlines again; reform of the Official Information Act; reporting the victim of a viral video; why a deadly conflict nearby is scarcely mentioned in our media.

  • Mediawatch for 24 February 2013 ( 37′ 45″ )

    Slavery at sea - but not in the news; recycled rancour on the 'plastic princess'; upheaval at a big paper publisher; strange comments on our ethnic relations; why are broadcasters bothered about Twitter and Facebook?

  • Mediawatch for 17 February 2013 ( 35′ 13″ )

    One MP's controversial comments - outrageous outburst or journalists' joke?; broadcasters band together to create a brand new watchdog; plug pulled on TV awards and are startling stories about wild weather misleading us?

  • Mediawatch Extra for February 2013 ( 40′ 33″ )

    The Mediawatch team runs through listeners' queries and comments and updates recent stories from the programme. There are responses to the coverage of the death of Sir Paul Holmes; reaction to reports of Gareth Morgan's cat campaign; the rocky start for Seven Sharp; anger over Igloo; Aussie papers outsourced here; Dick Smith's latest patriotic provocation; a green light for 'Beast of Blenheim', time to reclaim the Nerd?

  • Mediawatch for 10 February 2013 ( 37′ 56″ )

    Blunt assessments of Seven Sharp; Maori TV's new news boss; a voicemail gone viral makes national news; how PR people misread the Novopay nightmare; can new ways of backing US journalism work here?

  • Mediawatch for 3 February 2013 ( 35′ 24″ )

    The media's long goodbye to Sir Paul Holmes and the thoughts of a former colleague; Gareth Morgan on copping flak from cat lovers and football fans - and how he gets issues into the media and; knock-backs for news in Auckland.

  • Mediawatch for 27 January 2013 ( 35′ 35″ )

    Mediawatch asks why critics are carping about a new TV news programme before it has even screened, and looks at some recent news-making interviews: One which took its subject by surprise because he didn't know it was happening, one which actually never happened at all, and Oprah Winfrey's exclusive with back-pedalling cyclist Lance Armstrong.

  • Mediawatch for 23 December 2012 ( 35′ 44″ )

    Mediawatch looks back at the media in 2012: the year an All Black tackled 'breastfeeding Nazis', Kim Dotcom rocked the government's cabbage boat, and fatty fast food, salty spreads, old biscuits and sugary musicals all took turns to hijack the headlines and much more.

  • Mediawatch for 16 December 2012 ( 35′ 23″ )

    The chief of the outfit spending our money on broadcasting on how it sets its priorities in tight times; a rash of recent questions on the worth of modern medicines, and; local publications take a punt on putting up paywalls.

  • Mediawatch for 9 December 2012 ( 35′ 8″ )

    A prank with tragic consequences; TV current affairs thin out while public-funded talent shows prosper; regional TV's struggle - and a new public service channel only on pay TV, and; an embattled MP's rough ride in the media.

  • Mediawatch for 2 December 2012 ( 37′ 26″ )

    Hobbit hoopla and the anguished analysis of foreign media reports, a hack charged over hacking responds to the UK's epic Leveson report, the risk of ruined reputations world where gossip goes global in a flash, a claim of bias boomerangs on it source.

  • Mediawatch for 25 November 2012 ( 35′ )

    Rumblings in the news ahead of The Hobbit's big day; making a media meal of Labour's leadership; community broadcasters covering post-quake Christchurch on a shoestring; yet more marketing that uses sex to sell - with help from the media.

  • Mediawatch for 18 November 2012 ( 40′ 7″ )

    The BBC's boss carries the can for failures of its journalism - and Radio New Zealand's boss on where the buck stops here; an American scholar and broadcaster on media as a force for bad and good; radio under the radar - volunteer broadcasters filling big gaps on access radio in Otago.

  • Mediawatch Extra November 2012 ( 37′ 37″ )

    The Mediawatch team runs through listeners' queries and comments and updates recent stories from the programme. This month: Blogging and busking; the blogger who's helming Truth; figures for the film industry challenged; the PM's off-colour off-the-cuff gags; criticisms of coverage of the arts; are our media still sexist?

  • Mediawatch for 11 November 2012 ( 35′ 8″ )

    Off-the-cuff comments put the PM in the spotlight; coverage of the death of leading lawyer Greg King - and the front page focus on other lawyers; public radio under the radar on the nation's Access stations.