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Mediawatch for 7 February 2016

9:06 AM.TPP protests in the spotlight; copyright concerns for the media; the rising tide of clickbait; milking a story sparked by social media.

Fronting the phone-hacking fallout

9:10 AM.When the phone-hacking scandal in the UK was at its height three years ago, media mogul Rupert Murdoch put a New Zealander in charge of his newspapers there. Mediawatch asks Mike Darcey how he dealt with the fallout, and if all the anguish, inquiries and trials have actually changed anything.  

Newshub: New name, new technology, new news?

9:09 AM.Mediaworks has rejigged its radio, TV and online news operations under the new name Newshub. Will a new approach, a new newsroom and new technology change the news? Mediawatch also talks to a long-serving reporter who’s not part of the new change, and who fears for the future of reporting in the regions.  

Sponsor-supported sports news?

9:08 AM.Mediawatch looks at some recent stories in the sports news sections in which it looked like sponsors might calling the shots or paying the bills. But it wasn't always easy to work out if that was the case.

Mediawatch for 31 January 2016

9:06 AM.Mediaworks' new news service 'Newshub' - a new name, a new newsroom, app and website - but what's new about the actual news? Also, fears for the future of reporting in the south; sponsored sports stories in the news; and a chat with the New Zealander who ended up fronting the fallout from phone-hacking in the UK. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

Surviving the scary summer silly season stories

9:12 AM.In the absence of hard news - or sharks - over the holiday period, scary stories about hazards all around us bulked up the bulletins. Vegans and animals were in the frame too, and there was a startling outbreak of anthropomorphism across the ditch. 

Checkpoint in sound and vision

9:11 AM.Mediawatch looks at Checkpoint with John Campbell, RNZ’s new live multimedia news show launched this week. Is it radio with pictures? TV on the radio? Or none of the above?

Bowie: In memoriam, ad nauseam?

9:09 AM.David Bowie was one of a handful of artists whose death could monopolise front pages and lead news bulletins all around the world. Mediawatch looks at some tributes which stood out among the many published recently, and a unique one tucked away in a local paper here which went global. 

Offender inadvertently unmasked

9:08 AM.A convicted sex offender turned to the media this week after he ended up in the news for his involvement with a charity. But things didn’t turn out as he hoped.

Mediawatch for 24 January 2016

9:06 AM.Silly, strange and scary stories bulking up the bulletins over summer; checking out Checkpoint with John Campbell; Bowie - in memoriam ad nauseam; inadvertantly unmasking an offender.

‘Tis the season to be boozy

9:12 AM.Mixed messages in the media on seasonal drinking.

Search ruling claimed as a win for journalists

9:11 AM.A judge's ruling that a police search of the home of journalist Nicky Hager was unlawful has been claimed as a victory by journalists. It became a test case for the principle of journalistic privilege, but Nicky Hager himself recently told Mediawatch he wasn't sure precisely what that meant at the time of the raid. 

What's the demand for on-demand video?

9:10 AM.Media companies now offer us plenty of online video, both short and long: Netflix, Lightbox, Neon, 3 Now, TVNZ on Demand, WatchMe. But traditional viewing on old fashioned TV sets still makes up the most of our screentime, according to the audience research. Is the demand for on-demand video overstated? 

2015: the Mediawatch mashup

9:08 AM.Each week in 2015, Mediawatch looked at media coverage of issues in the news and tried to put them into context for you. For the last piece of our last show of the year, we mash them up without the context instead - and pay tribute to a radio host who survived a talkback shift from hell last Easter.

Mediawatch for 20 December 2015

9:08 AM.'Tis the season to be boozy; How Nicky Hager fought the law and won; The demand for on-demand video; 2015 - the Mediawatch mashup.

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