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  • Mediawatch for 23 March 2014 ( 35′ 35″ )

    Coverage of the missing plane mystery; Cyclone Lusi fails to impress the media; a Maori TV scoop revived; what happened when scary Mary met angry Andy; how a beautiful blonde, Armageddon and one misunderstood insult helped hype otherwise unremarkable stories.

  • Mediawatch for 16 March 2014 ( 35′ 40″ )

    Coverage of the Judith Collins controversy; the Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa - and why it may change the way our media report from courts here; apology to NZ Taxpayers Union; BBC funding called into question; Rupert Murdoch's tweets.

  • Mediawatch for 9 March 2014 ( 33′ 49″ )

    Selective stories about politicians' spending; Sochi paralympics signals a new way of screening sport; update on plans for a new media outlet; a small-scale magazine's big project for a big milestone. Note: edited from original.

  • Mediawatch for 2 March 2014 ( 31′ 25″ )

    Did the media show the required restraint reporting the death of a TV celebrity? is the dark side of social media damaging our news media? and the fallout from a tragic media prank.

  • Mediawatch for 23 February 2014 ( 36′ 06″ )

    A conflict of interest at TVNZ revealed, and vested interests of some seizing on it; a survey of working journalists opinions - and their politics; a buyout in commercial radio and news of a new pay-TV player; top politicians give beer pong a swerve.

  • Mediawatch for 16 February 2014 ( 36′ 28″ )

    The Schapelle Corby feeding frenzy; RNZ's boss on changes to key programmes, and plans for the future; reporters' plumbing, paving and shower curtains overshadow the Sochi Games, and; efforts to get something for nothing prompt online outpourings.

  • Mediawatch Extra February 2014 ( 40′ 57″ )

    The online-only companion to Mediawatch devoted to queries and comments from listeners. This month: your views on choppers hovering over David Bain's wedding; The Herald's protest-free Waitangi Day; Auckland-flavoured TV news, a green TV series which raised suspicions; a blogger gone feral; a mean-minded columnist; the pitfalls of picking off-the -peg pictures - and more.

  • Mediawatch for 9 February 2014 ( 34′ 03″ )

    Waitangi conflict coverage - or lack of it; the flag change questions flares up - then fizzles out; sponsors encroaching on the news and programmes; did one beer brand create a perfect promotion?; attacks on an Australian broadcaster mocked by one of our own.

  • Mediawatch for 2 February 2014 ( 35′ 25″ )

    The Lorde love-in; daily TV current affairs shows return to the screen and a new one arrives; alternative coverage of cricket with the blessing of the powers that be; an irritated overseas writer hits back.

  • Mediawatch for 26 January 2014 ( 34′ 27″ )

    Dotcom calls the tune; technology entrepreneurs invest in online news services; hovering over David Bain's wedding; a cricket caning and a rubbish bin ban prompt talkback cries of 'PC gone mad'.

  • Mediawatch for 22 December 2013 ( 36′ 16″ )

    A look back at the best and worst of the media in 2013.

  • Mediawatch for 15 December 2013 ( 35′ 38″ )

    Mediawatch talks to a journalist who's lifted the lid on the loose and lazy use of language in the media. But does it really matter as long as the meaning is clear? And why is the Oxford English Dictionary telling us not to take 'literally' too literally any more? Also: Media moguls putting up paywalls in Australia; and Nelson Mandela himself said he was no saint - but the media took no notice. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

  • Mediawatch for 8 December 2013 ( 36′ 03″ )

    A major publisher's magazine makes foreign stories look local; broadcasters break the news of Mandela's death; The Press angers the Irish with STD claims; new money fuels new news media in Australia and is less crime good news or bad for the media?

  • Mediawatch for 1 December 2013 ( 35′ 27″ )

    Digital TV switchover is complete, but does it also switch-off non-commercial channels? Who will own the airwaves?; Gareth Morgan gets the media going by putting the boot in; and Geoff Robinson springs a surprise.

  • Mediawatch for 24 November 2013 ( 35′ 27″ )

    The Pike River coalmine disaster 3 years on;the perils of promoting products in the media;reporters react to sporting snubs;how the German giant buying our magazines became a global player.