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  • Mediawatch for 20 October 2013 ( 35′ 9″ )

    How the story of the Auckland mayor's affair broke in the news this week: were the media led by the nose - and do the public have a right to know everything?; Will the dismal local election turnout prompt a rethink of broadcasting policy - and can online initiatives succeed?

  • Mediawatch for 13 October 2013 ( 35′ 31″ )

    Would more local broadcasting boost local politics?; mixed messages on Mark Lundy's case; jarring headlines and ads added to the news; talkback hosts hit back.

  • Mediawatch for 6 October 2013 ( 35′ 21″ )

    Are the media to blame if people say they don't know enough to vote in their local elections? How far do they go giving opinions on candidates? How helpful are polls published during voting? Also - spoonfed stories based on surveys.

  • Mediawatch for 29 September 2013 ( 37′ 30″ )

    The media debates 'choking' as the America's Cup slipped away; the fallout from a partisan pundit calling Labour's leader a liar; have women won the war for a fair shake in the media?

  • Mediawatch for 22 September 2013 ( 34′ 54″ )

    Overheated America's Cup coverage; Labour's leadership outcome; survival strategies for newspapers discussed across the ditch; ads that ended up in the news - and a rude remark that didn't.

  • Mediawatch for 15 September 2013 ( 36′ 52″ )

    Will publishers' 'content partnerships' with advertisers mean more ads dressed up as news in our papers?; contrary claims about life in North Korea; an Australian service pointing out political 'pants on fire'

  • Mediawatch for 8 September 2013 ( 35′ 26″ )

    TVNZ's deal with Sky City; the media influence on Labour's leadership contest; supporting freelance reporters in conflict hotspots; some surprising decisions on documentaries.

  • Mediawatch for 1 September 2013 ( 35′ 36″ )

    The risks and rewards for freelance journalists reporting from war-torn Syria; the media picking Labour's next leader - even though candidates have barely begun their campaigns; a little local election difficulty in Hawke's Bay; and is TICS the new GCSB?

  • Mediawatch for 25 August 2013 ( 35′ 3″ )

    Were the media up to speed on the on the controversial GCSB legislation passed in Parliament this week?; the BBC's top world news correspondent; and new moves from publishers to help companies get their message across to the public.

  • Mediawatch for 18 August 2013 ( 35′ 26″ )

    Coverage of the quakes that shook central NZ; TV3 tests the PM's claim that we're interested in snapper, not spying, and; a political pundit ponders what sort of watchdogs the media make today.

  • Mediawatch for 11 August 2013 ( 35′ 29″ )

    Coverage of the fallout from Fonterra's contamination crisis, film finance figures which didn't make the cut in the news, commercial media monitoring in the digital age and Dr Who hype.

  • Mediawatch Extra for August 2013 ( 46′ )

    The Mediawatch team runs through recent queries and comment from listeners. This month: snooping on journalists; journalists on junkets; royal baby reaction; respect for letter writers; rumours of a banned boffin; margarine myth-busting.

  • Mediawatch for 4 August 2013 ( 35′ 27″ )

    Are recent revelations about New Zealand journalists under surveillance signs of a state that hates the Fourth Estate? Does the media have their own staff under surveillance and TVNZ closes the last of its digital channels.

  • Mediawatch for 28 July 2013 ( 37′ 53″ )

    A survey suggesting we don't trust our media, the scary but spiritual moment when the big quake hit last weekend, the wall-to-wall coverage of the birth of a new prince, how a TV talent show trumped several other stories in the news and the weird world of reporting conflicts which don't actually exist.

  • Mediawatch for 21 July 2013 ( 35′ 24″ )

    An extraordinary court case pitting a journalist against the armed forces; foreign spellings online; a yarn from the archives showing snooping on phone calls is nothing new.