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Mediawatch for 19 October 2014

The ISIS crisis and tightening of anti-terrorism laws; PR people review their reputation and a mysterious new media name.

From Mediawatch on 19 Oct 2014

Mediawatch for 12 October 2014

Auckland's electricity outage sparks strange responses; journalists and authors striving to keep their sources secret; new Australian anti-terror law worries the media; no such thing as a free lunch?

From Mediawatch on 12 Oct 2014

Mediawatch for 5 October 2014

Turning Labour's leadership crisis into a drama; trust ownership for the media - and the launch of NZME; the 'Planet Key' problem - and new legal backup for satire and parody in the UK.

From Mediawatch on 05 Oct 2014

Mediawatch for 28 September 2014

Australian anti-terror raids; bloodthirsty coverage of the Labour leadership; the Fijian election and media freedom, and; Glenn Greenwald and his billionaire backer.

From Mediawatch on 28 Sep 2014

Mediawatch for 21 September 2014 - Election Special

Mediawatch looks at the media on election night with Wallace Chapman - and the coverage of the extraordinary election campaign. Also: how an award winning American reporter and a world-famous whistleblower swung the spotlight onto surveillance.

From Mediawatch on 21 Sep 2014

Mediawatch live post-election analysis

A live Mediawatch post-election special.

From Mediawatch on 21 Sep 2014

Mediawatch for 14 September 2014

Spying claims complicate the campaign; fact-checking the politicians; political parties' policies on broadcasting; claims about Maori TV leave questions unanswered and cash for tweets.

From Mediawatch on 14 Sep 2014

Mediawatch for 7 September 2014

Music stations seize on stolen nude celebrity shots; more 'Dirty Politics' developments, and; one of the trickiest jobs in journalism... reporting from North Korea.

From Mediawatch on 07 Sep 2014

Mediawatch for 31 August 2014

Collins quits; political parties vs the All Blacks; crank Corkery trumps policy; will the Dirty Politics saga change the media?

From Mediawatch on 31 Aug 2014

Mediawatch Extra August 2014

The online-only companion to Mediawatch based on your feedback. This month: Is Dirty Politics is a 'beltway' issue?; reporting election campaign gaffes; Radio New Zealand's digital-era direction; twitter and app updates; gruesome news images; paying for news online - and TV on-demand.

From Mediawatch on 26 Aug 2014

Mediawatch for 24 August 2014

'Dirty Politics' creates headlines - and headaches for politicians, bloggers and the media; the original monthly Maori magazine returns; TVNZ's online effort to harvest voters views.

From Mediawatch on 24 Aug 2014

Mediawatch for 17 August 2014

On Mediawatch this week - warnings for the media from Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics; plus the reporting of Robin Williams' death. And we hear from Radio New Zealand's outgoing head of news on why he's going, where news is heading, and the story of an embarrassing editorial error.

From Mediawatch on 17 Aug 2014

Mediawatch for 10 August 2014

New boss for a big broadcaster; a celebrity tragedy; two documentaries on climate change that the main media wouldn't make; the plan for a single audiovisual archive.

From Mediawatch on 10 Aug 2014

Mediawatch for 3 August 2014

Coverage of the Gaza crisis stirs strong emotions - and the battle for hearts and minds; an outbreak of ebola alarmism; as publishers ponder making us pay for online news, how much will we part with - and what will we pay for?

From Mediawatch on 03 Aug 2014

Mediawatch for 27 July 2014

Reporting the MH 17 disaster; how the media handle gruesome details and images in an era of instant transmission; should reporters fear surveillance and snooping, and how can they protect themselves and keep sources secret?

From Mediawatch on 27 Jul 2014

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