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  • Mediawatch Extra for August 2013 ( 46′ )

    The Mediawatch team runs through recent queries and comment from listeners. This month: snooping on journalists; journalists on junkets; royal baby reaction; respect for letter writers; rumours of a banned boffin; margarine myth-busting.

  • Mediawatch for 4 August 2013 ( 35′ 27″ )

    Are recent revelations about New Zealand journalists under surveillance signs of a state that hates the Fourth Estate? Does the media have their own staff under surveillance and TVNZ closes the last of its digital channels.

  • Mediawatch for 28 July 2013 ( 37′ 53″ )

    A survey suggesting we don't trust our media, the scary but spiritual moment when the big quake hit last weekend, the wall-to-wall coverage of the birth of a new prince, how a TV talent show trumped several other stories in the news and the weird world of reporting conflicts which don't actually exist.

  • Mediawatch for 21 July 2013 ( 35′ 24″ )

    An extraordinary court case pitting a journalist against the armed forces; foreign spellings online; a yarn from the archives showing snooping on phone calls is nothing new.

  • Mediawatch for 14 July 2013 ( 35′ 18″ )

    Sexism at Wimbledon; a premature prediction of a political coup; the media's role in rolling an Aussie leader, and; fears and hopes for the future of in-depth journalism in the digital age.

  • Mediawatch for 7 July 2013 ( 35′ 20″ )

    Mediawatch looks at how there's lots in the media about exotic destinations, air travel and flash cars because travel agents, airlines and car-makers cover the costs. But do the pipers paying the bills also call the tune? Also on Mediawatch: Fact and fiction in the ongoing GCSB saga; and startling stats that overstated our appetite for takeaways.

  • Mediawatch for 30 June 2013 ( 36′ 8″ )

    The media focus on Nelson Mandela; a new free-to-air TV sports channel and new competitors for Sky TV - but do they really change the game for sport on TV?; political kingmaking in the media at a time of anxiety about espionage.

  • Mediawatch for 23 June 2013 ( 35′ 29″ )

    Sizing up the 'polar blast'; Mediaworks calls in the receivers; Sky outbid for soccer; the end of the line for Truth - and a look back at its past; a reporter responds to controversial claims about women in political journalism.

  • Mediawatch Extra for June 2013 ( 41′ 17″ )

    The Mediawatch team runs through listeners' queries and comments and updates recent stories from the programme. This month: The cartoon controversy; fact and opinion in political reporting; the death of diversity in Dunedin; birdcall bungle slapdown; Morning Report's blast form the past; too many species of kiwi; charitable companies; the return of the Tsar; hammering Hanmer pronunciation.

  • Mediawatch for 16 June 2013 ( 37′ )

    The spying scoop that scuppered a minister and put the reporter who secured the story in the spotlight; RNZ's next boss on why he wanted the job and what he hopes to achieve and the politician pilloried for comparing Key and Muldoon.

  • Mediawatch for 9 June 2013 ( 35′ 33″ )

    Will the recent row over racism sparked by two newspaper cartoons have a lasting impact on the artists and their editors?; slip-ups in a major international story; TV cooking contests are intruding on TV news; how one of many claiming to be Jesus had has plenty of TV exposure lately.

  • Mediawatch for 2 June 2013 ( 34′ 40″ )

    The media and politicians: are the media now calling the shots? And if so, why are so many media people in Parliament, or trying to get in?; a paper publishing handy hints for hackers; little people in the ring; and a birdcall bungle.

  • Mediawatch for 26 May 2013 ( 35′ )

    Mediawatch looks at a documentary asking big questions about our role in Afghanistan and whether our media have covered the issue properly. Mediawatch also talks to an Afghan journalist covering the conflict in his own country; and how the patience of people in Christchurch is wearing thin and the same is true for the city's reporters. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

  • Mediawatch for 19 May 2013 ( 35′ 24″ )

    Should publishers get public cash because our our broadcasters do?; a major magazine pushes back at The Press Council; Members of Parliament make news acting up under the influence - what about members of the media?

  • Mediawatch for 12 May 2013 ( 35′ 35″ )

    The media feeding frenzy on Aaron Gilmore trumps important issues; a veteran's view of print media prospects; media freedom in the age of the internet and social media; a startling story from the sporting sidelines.