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  • Mediawatch for 26 January 2014 ( 34′ 27″ )

    Dotcom calls the tune; technology entrepreneurs invest in online news services; hovering over David Bain's wedding; a cricket caning and a rubbish bin ban prompt talkback cries of 'PC gone mad'.

  • Mediawatch for 22 December 2013 ( 36′ 16″ )

    A look back at the best and worst of the media in 2013.

  • Mediawatch for 15 December 2013 ( 35′ 38″ )

    Mediawatch talks to a journalist who's lifted the lid on the loose and lazy use of language in the media. But does it really matter as long as the meaning is clear? And why is the Oxford English Dictionary telling us not to take 'literally' too literally any more? Also: Media moguls putting up paywalls in Australia; and Nelson Mandela himself said he was no saint - but the media took no notice. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

  • Mediawatch for 8 December 2013 ( 36′ 03″ )

    A major publisher's magazine makes foreign stories look local; broadcasters break the news of Mandela's death; The Press angers the Irish with STD claims; new money fuels new news media in Australia and is less crime good news or bad for the media?

  • Mediawatch for 1 December 2013 ( 35′ 27″ )

    Digital TV switchover is complete, but does it also switch-off non-commercial channels? Who will own the airwaves?; Gareth Morgan gets the media going by putting the boot in; and Geoff Robinson springs a surprise.

  • Mediawatch for 24 November 2013 ( 35′ 27″ )

    The Pike River coalmine disaster 3 years on;the perils of promoting products in the media;reporters react to sporting snubs;how the German giant buying our magazines became a global player.

  • Mediawatch for 17 November 2013 ( 35′ 43″ )

    Two broadcasters are off the air over their response to the 'Roastbusters' story. Does this also reveal a real threat to media freedom? Mediawatch asks a top editor, an advertisers' advocate and a former talk radio manager who's handled on-air outrages in the past.

  • Mediawatch Extra November 2013 ( 41′ 24″ )

    The Mediawatch team runs through recent queries and comment from listeners on... the fallout from reporting the Super City mayor's affair; sleazy offers of smutty stardom; content partnerships and freebie-driven travel writing; Maori TV rocking the waka; Ko turns pro; inappropriate headlines and incongruous ads.

  • Mediawatch for 10 November 2013 ( 35′ 23″ )

    A TV news scoop sparks anguished debate about the culture of teenagers, Police and talk radio; TV3's news chief on the channel's changing current affairs; more major magazines set to change hands; yet another shopping channel hits the screen.

  • Mediawatch for 3 November 2013 ( 35′ 28″ )

    Online and on-demand, but not on the radio - RNZ's new bid to hook the young; a sports star on social media bypasses the news media with big news; a fuller picture of the Afghan incident.

  • Mediawatch for 27 October 2013 ( 35′ 36″ )

    A bold Maori TV investigation draws praise, but annoys some prominent people in Maoridom; more loose and confusing coverage of the ongoing supercity mayor affair and Sky TV gets a warning letter about what two former TV stars say about the medium that made them rich and famous.

  • Mediawatch for 20 October 2013 ( 35′ 09″ )

    How the story of the Auckland mayor's affair broke in the news this week: were the media led by the nose - and do the public have a right to know everything?; Will the dismal local election turnout prompt a rethink of broadcasting policy - and can online initiatives succeed?

  • Mediawatch for 13 October 2013 ( 35′ 31″ )

    Would more local broadcasting boost local politics?; mixed messages on Mark Lundy's case; jarring headlines and ads added to the news; talkback hosts hit back.

  • Mediawatch for 6 October 2013 ( 35′ 21″ )

    Are the media to blame if people say they don't know enough to vote in their local elections? How far do they go giving opinions on candidates? How helpful are polls published during voting? Also - spoonfed stories based on surveys.

  • Mediawatch for 29 September 2013 ( 37′ 30″ )

    The media debates 'choking' as the America's Cup slipped away; the fallout from a partisan pundit calling Labour's leader a liar; have women won the war for a fair shake in the media?