Midday Report

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Midday News for 4 September 2010

12:00 PM. Extensive coverage of the earthquake in Christchurch.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker

12:07 PM. The Mayor's Media Conference.

Reporter Jessica Maddock

12:10 PM. An update on health.

Prime Minister John Key

12:13 PM. His view on the Emergency Services and the infrastructure.

John Morton, Deputy Mayor - Selwyn Council

12:17 PM. His look at Selwyn, Hororata and Darfield.

Inspector Al. Stewart

12:19 PM. Minor looting and people management.

Jim Palmer, Chief Executive - Waimakariri District Council

12:21 PM. He describes the damage at Kaiapoi.

Telecom Communications Manager - Mark Watts

12:22 PM. Telecom's network is in good health.

Lyttelton District Chief Fire Officer - Mark Buckley

12:25 PM. An overview of the damage in Lyttelton.

Reporter Matthew Peddie

12:26 PM. An update on the Airport.

From The People

12:28 PM. Reporter Ian Telfer presents stories from people affected by the earthquake.