Morning Report

Saturday 4 September 2010, with Mary Wilson & Kim Hill

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Christchurch Earthquake - Mayor Bob Parker

07:05 Christchurch Earthquake

Reporter Jessica Maddock

07:10 Our Reporter Jessica Maddock is at Civil Defence Headquarters.

Inspector Mike Coleman

07:15 Christchurch Police report

Christchurch resident Colleen McDonald

07:22 Colleen McDonald is in Kaiapoi and says water pipes have burst and there are cracks in the roads.

Head of RNZ Sound Archives Karen Neil

07:40 Karen Neil joins us from Christchurch.

Seismologist John Ristau

07:44 Seismologist from the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences.

Christchurch earthquake - Andrew Howe

07:50 Head of Canterbury's regional civil defense.

Reporter Jessica Maddock

07:52 An update on the situation from Christchurch.

Inspector Al Stewart

08:07 Christchurch Police report.

Reporter Matthew Peddie

08:10 Matthew Peddie reports from Christchurch Airport.

Reporter Eric Frykberg

08:13 Reporting from the National Civil Defense headquarters in Wellington.

Farmer Paul Cowie

08:15 Paul Cowie is a farmer at Windwhistle, near Darfield.

Christchurch earthquake - Simon Morton

08:16 Simon reports from Cashmere.

Christchurch earthquake - Susan Baldacci

08:18 RNZ producer Susan Baldacci reports from Christchurch.

Christchurch earthquake - Frances Adank

08:18 Frances Adank is in St Albans where there are ruptured pipes and collapsed chimneys.

Christchurch earthquake - John Carter

08:42 The Minister of Civil Defence John Carter.

Christchurch earthquake - John McDonald

08:49 Former Radio New Zealander..John McDonald is at home in Cashmere and has lost his chimney.

Christchurch Earthquake - Kevin Ramsure

08:53 Public Affairs manager for Kiwi Rail.

Reporter Karen Gregory Hunt

08:55 Karen Gregory Hunt from Yaldhurst Road, in Christchurch.

Reporter Jessica Maddock

09:07 Jessica Maddock reports from Civil Defense headquarters.

Reporter Eric Frykberg

09:10 Eric Frykberg reports from Civil Defense national headquarters in Wellington.

Orion's Roger Sutton

09:12 An update on the power situation in Christchurch.

Christchurch earthquake - Ian Beale

09:16 Ian Beale joins us from Mt Pleasant where there has been a rock fall off Castle Rock.

Reporter Matthew Peddie

09:18 Matthew Peddie reports from Christchurch.

Seismologist John Ristau

09:21 An update on recent Christchurch earthquake aftershocks.

Inspector Mike Coleman

09:23 Christchurch Police report.

Christchurch earthquake - Mark Watts

09:26 An update on the phone systems from Telecom's communications manager Mark Watts.

Reporter Jessica Maddock

09:28 An update on the Christchurch earthquake from Jessica Maddock.

Reporter Katy Gossett

09:30 Katy Gossett reports from New Brighton in Christchurch.

Christchurch earthquake - Karen Neill

09:34 Karen Neill is the head of RNZ's Sound Archives.

Christchurch Mayor - Bob Parker

09:39 A state of emergency has been declared in Christchurch City.

Inspector Al Stewart

09:49 A police update on the Christchurch earthquake.

Report Eric Frykberg

09:51 An update from Eric Frykberg at Civil Defense national headquarters in Wellington.