Morning Report

Sunday 5 September 2010, with Geoff Robinson

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Canterbury shellshocked after massive earthquake

8:07 AM.Aftershocks have continued to shake Canterbury overnight following Saturday morning's brutal 7.1 earthquake.

Christchurch mayor on latest about quake mop-up

8:12 AM.We spoke to Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker.

Curfew for downtown Christchurch lifts

8:15 AM.An overnight curfew in downtown Christchurch has just been lifted.

Police stationed across Christchurch to maintain order

8:18 AM.More than a hundred and fifty police were stationed around Christchurch overnight to enforce the seven o'clock curfew and keep people out of dangerous areas.y

Welfare centres cater for those fleeing damaged homes

8:24 AM.Some of those made homeless by the earthquake have been sheltering at three welfare centres overnight.

Prime Minister speaks about Christchurch quake

8:27 AM.The Prime Minister, John Key, flew to Christchurch on an Airforce Hercules yesterday afternoon.

Fox Glacier locals stunned by plane crash

8:31 AM.Locals are stunned after a plane crash killed nine people in Fox Glacier yesterday afternoon.

Scientists head to epicentre of quake

8:36 AM.Dozens of smaller earthquakes have kept many people in Canterbury on edge since the 7.1 magnitude quake in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Fox Glacier plane crash

8:37 AM.Fox Glacier resident Kirsty Sullivan witnessed the crash.

Latest from Civil Defence headquarters

8:40 AM.Three people who were injured during the quake are still in hospital, one in the intensive care unit.

Kaiapoi residents told to consider leaving town

8:43 AM.A curfew on the entire town of Kaiapoi has also just been lifted.

Dairy farmers remain without mains power, water

8:45 AM.Dairy farmers in remoter areas of Canterbury who remain without mains power and water say they haven't had a second to spare to count the cost of the damage.

Insurers 'will go out of their way' to help those affected

8:49 AM.At least one hundred thousand insurance claims are expected as a result of yesterday's early-morning quake.

Water supplies still sketchy, wastewater system strained

8:51 AM.While power has been restored for most people, many are still without water and there are still serious worries about the wastewater system.

Army troops on standby to help with security, recovery

8:57 AM.Army troops remain on standby this morning, ready to assist with security and emergency recovery work.

Canterbury faces daunting task as clean up starts

8:59 AM.Christchurch reporter Monique Devereux gives us the latest updates.

Christchurch businesses reeling but resilient after quake

9:55 AM.Businesses in Christchurch are starting the huge task of cleaning up today.