CYF manager admits agency failed in Southland toddler death

From Morning Report, 7:10 am on 27 February 2017

A Child Youth and Family manager admits the agency failed multiple times when it sent a Southland toddler back into a P-using household where he died.

A secret recording of these admissions, made in a meeting with the 17-month-old's extended family, has been given to RNZ News by the family.

The agency is worried if RNZ broadcasts any part of the recording, it will undermine public trust in CYF and make it more difficult to have free and frank discussions.   

The family on the father's side say just the opposite - that the public needs to know just how badly wrong the agency got this case, so that it's forced to change.

In this report by Phil Pennington the comments by CYF staff have been revoiced.