6 Mar 2017

Top Stories for Monday 6 March 2017

From Morning Report, 6:00 am on 6 March 2017

A Lawyer representing a former state wards says the Crown might end up spending more than a million dollars trying to keep her case out of court. Psychiatrist David Codyre says tiedown beds used to restrain inmates are out of date and shouldn't be used. He tells Morning Report, Corrections needs more forensic beds and to improve training so prison staff dealing with at risk inmates can recognise early signs of distress. The Prime Minister has turned superannuation into an election issue with one word: reset. He however is refusing to give any solid details telling Morning Report people will have to wait. A fresh push to push Islamic State out of Mosul is being met with resistance, suicide car bombs and street-to-street fighting. Our correspondent Fazel Hawramy says there may be about 5,000 militants left who will fight to the last man, as they fear what treatment they will receive if captured. Tens of thousands of shell-shocked and hungry citizens have fled in the last week. Winston Peters says New Zealand First has a 23-year track record of fighting for fair and affordable superannuation and will fight any suggested changes that leave people worse off. The Government is set to announce tougher domestic violence laws amid mounting criticism of the justice sector's record in the field. The Retirement Commissioner says immigrants should have to be here for 25 years before they qualify for superannuation - she says the current 10-year requirement is too generous.