6 Jun 2017

Is the NZ environment paying the price for Brand NZ?

From Morning Report, 7:53 am on 6 June 2017

As New Zealand heads towards the general election on September the 23rd, RNZ News is taking a close up look at how the National-led government has performed over the past nine years as it seeks a fourth term.

In 2008 it promised a Brighter Future for New Zealand 

So we'll take a look at how government action, or lack of it, has shaped the lives of New Zealanders - for better or for worse.

We'll be covering everything from the environment, to law and order, to housing and the standard of living, with a lighter look at issues like recreational sport and the food we eat.

The series begin with "Who Are We?" - a collection of stories looking to provide a snapshot of what New Zealand looks like in 2017.

Later this month we'll look at "How Well Are We?", and in July "Who's Better Off?". 

The aim of this series is to strip the politics out of the issues that will feature in the election campaign proper, and hear from New Zealanders themselves about how they're faring and what they care about as the country readies to go to the polls.

In the first of  RNZ's election year series, "Is this the Brighter Future?", our reporters looked at the impact of tourism on the economy, and the environment.

The view of Mt Taranaki reflected in the tarns on the Pouakai saddle.

The view of Mt Taranaki reflected in the tarns on the Pouakai saddle. Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin