6 Jun 2017

Top Stories for Tuesday 6 June 2017

From Morning Report, 6:00 am on 6 June 2017

London police have named two of the three London Bridge attackers. Our correspondent Lucy Taylor says there are reports the police were tipped off about the men, but they've stressed they are dealing with thousands of people. Alex Spence is a New Zealander, living in London. He is a political reporter for Buzzfeed. He says that while people are wary, they are also continuing to go about their lives despite the threats. The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Wellington today for the first top level meeting between the Prime Minister and a senior member of the Trump administration - and there'll be plenty to talk about. Our political editor, Jane Patterson, is covering the visit. Prime Minister Bill English says the visiting US Secretery of State Rex Tillerson will be aware of NZ's views on the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement and the TPP. He says he'll reaffirm NZ's opinion on trade and will consider any further requests for troops being sent to the Middle East. The President of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has announced he's defecting to Gareth Morgan's The Opportunities Party in a bid to get cannabis bill into parliament. He says TOP has a well thought out plan around cannabis, and is encouraging his members to join them too. Opening statements have begun in Bill Cosby's highly anticipated sexual assault trial. Harry Hairston is the NBC Philadelphia journalist who broke the story and says it's taken 13 years for the court case to begin. A laboratory in China of a big steel supplier to New Zealand has been caught doing false testing. Our reporter Phil Pennington has been covering the story and says China's regulator called CNAS investigated it after being alerted by authorities in New Zealand who had begun investigating last October.