7 Aug 2017

One man controlling most of NZ Indian student market

From Morning Report, 7:10 am on 7 August 2017

Immigration officials suspect one man is controlling most of the multi-million-dollar Indian student market in New Zealand. He's likely responsible for most of the enrolments coming from north India, RNZ education reporter John Gerritsen told Morning Report.

A document obtained by RNZ News said: "Information from the Indian community in Auckland indicates [name redacted] 'controls everything', although requires others to complete the work to maintain a clean appearance.

"His system is referred to as an 'old boys network' and [name redacted] gets a cut of everything.

"It is possible PTEs [private training establishments] are aware of [name redacted] business practices, but believe [name redacted] has a stronghold over the agent and student market in India. It is possible they are hesitant to act against him as they believe it may impact the volume of students enrolling in the schools."