22 Aug 2017

'I'm leaving it to the experts' - Ardern on tax plans

From Morning Report, 7:38 am on 22 August 2017

As he announced his departure, Peter Dunne took aim at Labour, saying politics was about "the hard grind, substantive policy, achievement and hard work," rather than "smiles and waves".

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern joins Guyon Espiner to discuss capital gains tax, income tax, and immigration. 

"I am not going to wait until another election to determine what we do with the advice we get from [tax working group] experts. I need to have the ability to make the best decisions in the interest of New Zealand, and I need to have the opportunity to do that as leader," she says. 

"I reserve the right to act on the advice that we're given. It may not be a capital gains tax, but it might. Let me be clear, it will never be on the family home, I am ruling that out."