4 Sep 2017

Labour's rental plan: Extra security or cost to landlords?

From Morning Report, 8:17 am on 4 September 2017

Labour has announced a rental policy that includes the banning of letting fees, an increase of the 42-day notice period to 90 days, and getting rid of 'no cause' terminations of tenancies.

"These are things that give stability to renters, and we know that many renters want this and that it has benefits for renters in terms of mental health, health outcomes and education outcomes," Victoria University law expert Mark Bennett says.

But New Zealand Property Investors Federation executive officer Andrew King says getting rid of the 'no cause' termination of tenancy rule will help poor-performing tenants. "It might sound harsh to some people, but it's absolutely needed," he says. 

"I can't be done at the expense of the property owner."