6 Mar 2018

Oscars: Politics, love stories, and a stolen statue

From Morning Report, 7:27 am on 6 March 2018

With plenty of politics, the triumph of a transgressive love story and a heist, yesterday's Oscars ceremony had all the ingredients of a Hollywood thriller. Taking place under the shadow of the ongoing scandal over sexual harassment which is apparently rife in the industry, if there was a theme for the night, it was inclusiveness. Cross-species sci-fi love story The Shape of Water won best picture and its maker Guillermo del Toro won best director. He highlighted the potential for the industry to become more sharing and caring in his acceptance speech. Frances McDormand who won best actress for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri gave a rousing speech calling for more diversity in the business. But McDormand only enjoyed her Oscar for a short time before it was snatched by a thief at an after party. The alleged thief has now been arrested, local police say. For more we talk to Hollywood correspondent Brad Pomerance.