Music 101

Saturday 28 May 2016, with Kirsten Johnstone

Moana Maniapoto

Moana Maniapoto Photo: Dru Faulkner

Trinity Roots This Road

2:05 PM.Trinity Roots are about to embark on a winter tour with dates in New Zealand and Australia - but their first stop is China. Yadana Saw pops into the rehearsal room for a chat with the band.

Rüfüs' Spotify Spins and EDM Wins

4:00 PM.Sydneyside electronic dance trio Rüfüs tell Sam Wicks about their EDM wins in Australia and beyond.

Pacific Heights' The Stillness

2:00 PM.Pacific Heights' Devin Abrams introduces Sam Wicks to a handful of cuts from The Stilness.

NZ troubadours: Tom Cunliffe & Will Wood

7:30 PM.Nick Bollinger reviews releases from globe-trotting troubadours Tom Cunliffe and Will Wood.

The Mixtape: Moana Maniapoto

5:00 PM.In our final New Zealand Music Month Mixtape, writer, broadcaster, filmmaker, singer and songwriter Moana Maniapoto plays us her favourite tunes from Aotearoa.

Blackbirder Dread by Unity Pacific

7:30 PM.Nick Bollinger discusses the Polynesian reggae of Unity Pacific.

Introducing: Merk

3:35 PM.This week's Introducing is only a week old. This is Merk.

Lordes in Waiting

2:20 PM.Asti-Loren, Maya Payne and Nakita. These three young women are changing the way New Zealand makes pop music, and they’re doing it one carefully crafted post and polished pop song at a time.



Artist: Trinity Roots
Song: Citizen
Composer: Trinity Roots
Album: Citizen
Label: Trinity Roots

Trinity Roots - This Road

Artist: Trinity Roots
Song: This Road
Composer: Trinity Roots
Album: Citizen
Label: Trinity Roots

Artist: Trinity Roots
Song: El Kaptain
Composer: Trinity Roots
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Lordes in Waiting

Artist: Maya Payne
Song: ‘We Are the Wild’
Composer: Maya Payne
Album: We Are the Wild
Label: Rolley Records

Artist: Asti-Loren
Song: ‘Blue Heaven’
Composer: Asti-Loren
Album: Blue Heaven
Label: unsigned

Artist: Nakita
Song: ‘Where Are You?’
Composer: Nakita Turner and Leroy Clampitt
Album: n/a
Label: n/a

Artist: Rüfüs
Songs: Say a Prayer for Me, Innerbloom, You Were Right
Composer: T.Lindqvist, J.George, J.Hunt
Album: Bloom
Label: Sweat It out Music!

Artist: Ta-ku + Wafia
Song: Meet In The Middle
Composer:  Matthews, al Rikabi
Album: (m)edian
Label: Future Classics

The Sampler: Tom Cunliffe and Will Woods

Artist: Tom Cunliffe
Songs: Old Moon, Howl and Whisper, Just Kids, They Dug It All Away
Composer: Cunliffe
Album: Howl and Whisper
Label: Lyttelton/Southbound

Artist: Will Wood
Songs: New York, Magpie Brain, Sailor’s Lament, For The Old Man
Composer: Wood
Album: Magpie Brain and Other Stories
Label: Lyttelton/Southbound

Artist: Sarah Jarosz
Song: House Of Mercy
Composer: Jarosz
Album: Undercurrent
Label: Universal


Pacific Heights - The Stillness

Artist: Pacific Heights
Songs: Ibanaka, Zoos
Composer: D.Abrams
Album: The Stillness
Label: Warner Music

Artist: Pacific Heights
Songs: Realms
Composer: D.Abrams, D.Krieg
Album: The Stillness
Label: Warner Music

Artist: Pacific Heights
Songs: So Love
Composer: D.Abrams, S.Singh
Album: The Stillness
Label: Warner Music

Artist: Pacific Heights
Songs: Drained
Composer: D.Abrams, J.Turner
Album: The Stillness
Label: Warner Music

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra Song: First World Problem
Composer: Neilson
Album: n/a
Label: Jagjagwar

Artist: Teeth
Song: Something Has Gone Wrong in my Brain
Composer: Teeth
Album: Single
Label: Private

Artist: Lawrence Arabia
Song: Another Century
Composer: Milne
Album: The Absolute Truth
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Merk
Song: No Better Reason
Composer: Perkins
Album: n/a
Label: n/a

Artist: SOAK

Artist: Team Dynamite
Song: Cosmos Re-Up
Composer: Team Dynamite
Album: Never Again EP
Label: n/a