Music 101

Saturday 25 October 2014, with Emma Smith


CMJ 2014
Arch Hill's Ben Howe brings you sounds from the annual New Zealand showcase at music industry conference CMJ, in New York. Participants this year included Chelsea Jade, Orchestra Of Spheres, Popstrangers and Doprah.

The Six Strings Of Rowland S Howard
Trevor Reekie talks with Rowland S Howard's former band mates Harry Howard and Genevieve McGuckin about the life and legacy of the late, great Australian musician, his many solo projects and bands, and how his distinctive guitar sound and songs contributed to the evolution of Nick Cave's old band The Birthday Party.

Rowland S Howard
Rowland S Howard

Anatomy of A Song- The Phoenix Foundation- 'Black Mould'
We start a new series, Anatomy of A Song, which gets inside contemporary New Zealand hit tunes - this week The Phoenix Foundation unpack 'Black Mould'.

Introducing: Racing


Douglas Lilburn
Phillip Norman, author of Douglas Lilburn's biography, talks about the life and work of this pioneering NZ orchestral and electroacoustic composer who will be honoured at the Silver Scrolls next week.

Lilburn In Studio
Douglas Lilburn, photographed by M.D. King in the Electronic Music Studio, Victoria University,

Keystone State Boys Choir
The Keystone State Boys Choir from Philadelphia is the only choir to have visited all seven continents, including Antarctica. Anthonie Tonnon spent the day with the choir on their recent trip to New Zealand and talked to Director Steve Fisher about kinesthetic learning for a multi-tasking generation.

Gig Guide


Ladi6 Live at The Powerstation
Future-soul performer Ladi6 and her band with cuts from Time Is Not Much, The Liberation of… and Automatic, recorded live at the Powerstation in August.

Ladi live at Powerstation Photo Aleyna Martinez
Ladi6 Live at the Powerstation, photo by Aleyna Martinez

The Sampler: French for Rabbits - Spirits
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to the quiet sighs of Wellington based duo French for Rabbits on their debut LP Spirits.

Bohemian Nights in session
The 50th Wellington Folk Festival is happening this Labour weekend. We get a sample of some of the sounds on offer with Australian duo Bohemian Nights who bring a party-time mix of styles from around the world including Klezmer and Tango.