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Saturday 1 November 2014, with Emma Smith


Apra Silver Scrolls
We bring you coverage of the Apra Silver Scrolls, which celebrates the art of songwriting. Hear performances from the night, and interviews with the nominees.

Dudley Benson Deforestation
The songs on Dudley Benson's 2010 album Forest have been reimagined as part of a remix project called Deforestation - with all of the proceeds from the album going to the Ulva Island Charitable Trust to assist with their conservation work on the bird sanctuary off Stewart Island.
Three of Benson's remixers - Matmos' Martin Schmidt, Stef Animal and Barbara Morgenstern - tell of their contributions to the project.

Dudley Benson by Josh Thomas
Dudley Benson - photo by Josh Thomas


James Burton
'Master Of The Telecaster', guitarist James Burton has played for a who's who of pop and country artists including Johnny Cash, John Denver and Gram Parsons, but it's leading Elvis's TCB band that really earned him his stripes.The TCB band are touring New Zealand this week with John Rowles on vocals. Burton speaks to Nick Bollinger about playing those Elvis songs.

james burton and elvis presley
Elvis Presley and James Burton

Auckland Record Collector Fair
After decades of collecting, Jim Pinckney, AKA Stinky Jim decided it was time to get rid of some records. He gave us a heads up that his first stop would be the Auckland Record Collectors' Fair. Anthonie Tonnon went along to meet wax heads on both sides of the table.

Introducing: Racing

Gig Guide


50th Wellington Folk Festival
Since 1965 Wellington's Folk Festival has been bringing together musicians and audiences to share songs, tunes, stories, and a bit of homebrew. This year they reflected on those who've been before, and those who'll follow in their folkie footsteps, with a range of ages and styles.
Kirsten Johnstone collected some of the sounds on offer.

Folk Fest Eliza Carthy Martin Carthy Kirsten Johnstone photo by Graeme Tuckett
Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Kirsten Johnstone - photo by Graeme Tuckett

Anatomy Of A Song: Yumi Zouma - 'The Brae'
RDU's Spanky Moore gets inside contemporary New Zealand hit tunes - this week Yumi Zouma's first release, 'The Brae'.