Music 101

Saturday 30 April 2016, with Melody Thomas

Unity Pacific

Tigilau Ness is a Niuean New Zealander who protested the Dawn Raids and 1981 Springbok Tour. It's music and family - Che Fu is his son - have carried him through tough times. Trevor Reekie talked to Tigilau about his life of protest, music and social consciousness.

The Sampler - Hollie Smith

Nick Bollinger reviews a homegrown soul voice.


Kano Photo: Linda Brownlee

Anointed by Jay Z as a leading light of the UK’s Grime community, Kano is now something of an elder statesman of the scene. Kano’s fifth studio album Made in the Manor sees the proud Eastender transport listeners to his council estate roots – Kano takes us back to where it all started, 86 St Olave’s Road, East Ham.

The Sampler - Joe Blossom

Nick Bollinger reviews Joe Blossom

Bailey Wiley
Auckland-based neo-soul artist Bailey Wiley on her new EP, S.O.M.M. (Still On My Mind), written and recorded over two years between Auckland and Berlin. 

Beastwars (L-to-R) Nathan Hickey, Matthew Hyde, Clayton Anderson, James Woods

Beastwars (L-to-R) Nathan Hickey, Matthew Hyde, Clayton Anderson, James Woods Photo: Damian McDonnell

Beastwars - The Death Of All Things
Over the last five years Beastwars have cultivated one of the strongest fan bases for any New Zealand group by remembering to obey the riff . Their third release is intriguingly titled The Death Of All Things, Zac Arnold finds out how much truth is in the name.

The Secret Life Of Birth Music Yadana Saw speaks to mothers and midwives, doctors, doulas and dads to find out about the soundtracks that accompany a child’s arrival to the world.  

Birth Music

Birth Music Photo: copyright free

avoid! avoid
With members formerly in bands like The Subliminals, The Instigators and The Hasselhoff Experiment, avoid! avoid were going to be able to make a racket. But how was it going to sound and what were their intentions behind their debut Particles and Waves? Zac Arnold finds out. 

avoid! avoid (L-to-R) Brendan Moran, Sonya Waters, Stephen Reay

avoid! avoid (L-to-R) Brendan Moran, Sonya Waters, Stephen Reay Photo: Courtesy of avoid! avoid

Introducing: SWIDT


SWIDT Photo: Courtesy of SWIDT

Beastwars - The Death of All Things

5:00 PM.Beastwars 'obey the ridd' on 'The Death Of All Things', their thurd and possibly final release.