Music 101

Saturday 4 April 2015, with Emma Smith

Seth Frightening in Session
Following the release of his third album, But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters, Seth Frightening brings his brand of New Zealand gothic to the Radio New Zealand studios, performing three songs and talking to Zac Arnold about death, the void, and the music of Neil Young.

Seth FrighteningSeth Frightening / Photo by Zac Arnold.

Dawn of Azazel
Auckland death metal trio Dawn of Azazel were right there in the thick of it during New Zealand extreme metal’s earliest years. The band returns this month with their new album, The Tides of Damocles – their first recording in six long years. Craig Hayes talks to Dawn of Azazel frontman Rigel Walsh his path back to extreme metal.

Dawn of AzazelDawn of Azazel.

Introducing: Sun Blood

Greil Marcus
Greil Marcus is an American cultural commentator best known for his writing about rock’n’roll. In his latest book, though, he uses 10 songs as a set-list to reconsider rock history – Elvis, Bob Dylan and the Beatles go almost unmentioned. He talks to Chris Bourke about his alternative take on the rock’n’roll canon.

Greil MarcusGreil Marcus / Photo Creative Commons.