9 May 2015

Charli XCX “not losing sleep” over Moroder Leak

From Music 101, 12:00 pm on 9 May 2015


Charli XCX  says she is “not losing sleep” over the leak of her new Giorgio Moroder collaboration ‘Diamonds', which leaked this morning.

The track is due to appear on Moroder’s new album Déjà Vu,

In an interview with Music 101 in Auckland today, Charli XCX explained, "I have a weird relationship and thoughts on music and the internet, and free verses not free... I haven't really sat down and given it much thought."

Charli XCX, who is yet to meet Moroder in person, collaborated with the Italian producer over email, sending him a 7 year old acapella from her True Romance writing sessions after he 'reached out' to her.