9 Aug 2014

Die! Die! Die!

From RNZ Music

Die Photo credit Slow Pulse Studios

Since their last album, Auckland-based trio Die! Die! Die! have marked 10 years as a band – a decade during which the only thing as uncompromising as their sound has been their touring schedule.

Their fifth album Swim moves their sound in a hazier direction, and is a full band effort after a difficult period where it seemed like Die! Die! Die! might be done for good.

Joe Nunweek checked in with the band, speaking with frontman Andrew Wilson, as well as Michael Prain and Michael Logie, about the recording process for the new record.



Artist: Die! Die! Die!
Song: Swim, Out Of Mind, Angel, Mirror, Crystal
Composer: Die! Die! Die!
Album: SWIM
Label: Records Etcetera