24 Feb 2015

Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance by Belle and Sebastian

From RNZ Music

Nick Bollinger reviews a disco-tinged set from Glaswegian popsters Belle and Sebastian

Belle Seabstian Girls in Peacetime Want to DanceScottish indie veterans Belle and Sebastian lean fashionably towards 80s dance-pop on their ninth album, complete with sizzling synths and party handclaps. But even when they are dancing beneath the mirror ball, the characters in Stuart Murdoch’s songs seem to be thinking about their next visit to the library, something he touched on with Emma Smith at Laneway 2015. The songs are strewn with bookish references. And though Murdoch clearly loves pop the effect of this album, while replete with bright beats and memorable hooks, is typically melancholic.

Songs Featured: The Cat With The Cream, Allie, Nobody’s Empire, The Party Line, The Power Of Three, Enter Sylvia Plath, Today (This Army’s For Peace)

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