28 Mar 2015


From RNZ Music

Graves / Photo by Joon Yang.

Auckland hardcore band Graves recently released their third album, Fides Ad Nauseam. Filled with violent bursts of grinding noise, Fides Ad Nauseam is intense, to say the least.

Music 101 metal correspondent Craig Hayes caught up with Graves' guitarist Josh to discuss the band's brain-battering sound, Graves' lyrical vitriol, and where they see themselves sitting on the punk/metal spectrum.

Music Details

Artist: Graves
Song: Hatred, Collapse, Flesh, Choke, Scorn, Vermin, Suffer, Skitliv, A Nation Sleeps
Composer: Graves
Album: Fides Ad Nauseam
Label: Graves

Song: Greed
Composer: Graves
Album: Graves
Label: Graves