16 Dec 2016


From RNZ Music
The team at Radiooooo.com

The team at Radiooooo.com Photo: courtesy of Radiooooo.com

Radiooooo.com is another addition to a growing list of music streaming websites, but it's one with a difference. Visitors are presented with a map of the world, and a series of decades, starting at 1900. Pick a country and a decade and the site creates a playlist for you of music from that time and place. There’s no skip button, you have to listen to songs in full before you can hear the next one.

Music 101’s Tony Stamp was intrigued by this slightly eccentric concept, so he jumped on Skype to talk with Radiooo CEOs Benjamin Moreau and Anne-Claire Troubat, in their home of Paris, France. All the music in this piece was handpicked by Benjamin and Anne-Claire.

Music Details

Artist: Gilbert O’Sullivan
Song: Alone Again
Composer: Gilbert O'Sullivan
Label: MAM

Artist: Margo Guryan
Song: Under My Umbrella 
Composer: Margo Guryan
Album: Thoughts
Label: RPM Records 

Artist: Juca Chaves
Song: Take me Back to Piaui 
Composer: Juca Chaves
Album: Take Me Back To Piauí / Vou Viver Num Arco-Íris
Label: RGE

Artist: Aurita Castillo
Song: Chambacu
Composer: Aurita Castillo
Album: Chambacu / Separacion
Label: Peerless

Artist: Malika
Song: Ya Ya Twist
Composer: Robinson, Lewis, Aber, L. Dorsey
Album: Chante En Français Ya Ya Twist
Label: Philips

Artist: New Paradise
Song: I Love Video 
Composer: New Paradise
Album: I Love Video
Label: Versatile Records

Artist: Mag & The Suspect 
Song: Erection 
Composer: Welkin, Del Pino, Failure
Album: Erection
Label: London Records

Artist: Alain Chamfort 
Song: Volatile (Get a Room! Remix) Composer: Alain Chamfort
Album: Le Meilleur D'Alain Chamfort (Versions Revisitées)
Label: OU

Artist: Alain Chamfort
Song: Manureva (Ivan Smagghe remix) 
Composer: Alain Chamfort
Album: Le Meilleur D'Alain Chamfort (Versions Revisitées)
Label: OU